100G Fiber Optic Communication "Money" Landscape Shiny

100G Fiber Optic Communication “Money” Landscape Shiny

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Global fiber optic communication industry chain is poised, ready to meet the huge business opportunities are rapidly emerging. With mainland China and the United States Telecom operators to
step up the pace of construction of optical communications infrastructure, 100G optical communications chip and system equipment shipments upward and to drive error analyzer surging demand is expected to expand the overall optical communications market value.

Under the guidance of China Mobile, Verizon, the U.S. telecommunications operators, the development of the 100G optical core network is in full swing, not only along the related communication equipment shipments climbed, also the excitation optical communications chip testing requirements gone up.

The network operator benefited countries actively deploy 100G optical communications, optical communiations industry optimistic view of the 2013 boom. Increasing due to the wide range of data

information, the transmission performance of the existing communiation network and bandwidth already inadequate global optical communications industry is gradually entering 100G ultra-high-speed internet era, in response to heavy data traffic arduous challenge.

100G optical communications market’s ability to rapid development, in addition to more sophisticated optical devices performance, develop the footsteps will affect telecom operators provisioning positive degree of optical communications standard. Pointed out that according to the market research firm Infonetics Research in 2012, the statistics report, 95% of the global twently-one sheer scale telecom operators are planning to deploy 100G optical communications; Due to mainland China and the United States have policies blessing a huge domestic market and other facorable factors, the network operator in the United States is the most positive development of optical communication.

Currently including China Mobile, Verizon have switched to begin mass provisioning of optical communication equipment, and actively planning communicatioins test plan. China Mobile in 2012 has completed 100G laboratory tests and provincial trunk network test, and recently launched a large-scale purchases of 100G optical communications equipment; Verizon Juniper routers and Ciena’s communiations equipment in the United States and Europe deploy first 100G commercial network. In addition to mainland China and the United States market, the network operator of Europe and Russia continue to accelerate the pace of deployment of 100G optical communications equipment, and also become the focus
of related equipment, wafer test instrument industry layout area.

100G optical communiation network commercial penetration rate is bound to steadily growing, especially developed countries, government agencies, attached considerable importance to the user demand for network bandwidth, which also look forward to the opportunities of the industry.

With the Chinese mainland Europe and the United States of 100G optical communications test growing demand validation error analyzer signal transmission bit error rate (BERT) gradually communication IC design and device manufacturers favor, prompting various instrument manufacturers have storm of this market.

To ensure the quality of communications transmission, today’s latest transfer interface standards have switched specification receiving end must also detect the error rate, making the past only for chip R & D side of the BER analyzer application market to expand to the equipment system side; especially in recent years, fiber optic communication development continues to accelerate, terminal communication equipment shipments continued to rise, also contributed to the BER analyzer market opportunites, attracts instrument providers competing to put into the research and development of this product. With the development of 100G optical communiations market faster and faster, the BER analyzer market demand continued to warm in.

In summary, in the global telecom operators actively deploying 2013 100G optical communication speed commercialization will certainly faster than in previous years, will further expand the size of the opportunity, including the chip industry, instrument and equipment industry arerain expected equitably, and stimulate revenues upward growth.


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