10GBase-T market will usher in the outbreak period?

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Focus on data center swithcing, sever and storage network market research and consulting firm, Crehan Research data, 10GBase-T switches shipments are expected within the next five years there will be an increase of four times. “So far, the market penetration of the 10GBase-T switches also relatively low, however, will promote affordable, the emergence of low-power products, and the use of 10GBase-T server 10GBase-T switches broader applications” Crehan Research said Seamus Crehan, the chairman of the board.

To support intensive applications, coupled with growth in commercial enterprise network, data replication, and server and storage virtualization widely used, and thus lead to growing demand for bandwidth network performance bottlenecks, thus contributing to a 10 Gigabit network solution deployment. 10GBase-T, like other Base-T technology, using a standard RJ45 Ethernet port. The port is not only connected to the switch port specifications, but also be integrated in the server, workstation and PC. In a wide range of applications, Base-T usually run up to 100m twisted pair 6A and Category 7 cable, 10GBase-T is easier than 10G Ethernet fiber optic cabling. 10GBase-T technology support backward compatibility, auto-negotiation between the higher and lower rate, eliminating the need for a one-time upgrade the network. Crehan Research expects thte server with 10GbE ports will be used as the main server shipments in 2014, 10GbE has reached the final critical point in use on the server. The next step is affordable enough for the entire infrastructure in terms of price, so that the 10GbE can be applied in a small network and medium-sized enterprises, government agencies and with the changing network needs educational institutions.

” So far, due to the expensive cost per port, resulting in Gigabit exchange for small and medium-sized networks also just an impossible to achieve fantasy. 10Base-T provides an upgrade to a newer technology for the growing network while retaining the way hardware investment, as well as a perfect solution to meet the growth in the corporate and other organizations on the cost and performance requirements.” said Peter Newton, NETGEAR commercial business, senior director of product management.

NETGEAR has released a new cost-effective Gigabit copper (10GBase-T) switches, further extends the NETGEAR switch solutions. NETGEAR brand new Gigabit copper (10GBase-T) switches to provide a cost-effective Gigabit products for commercial enterprises, government agencies, educational institutions, and other industries and enterprises other network users. NETGEAR launched three new cost-effective switches, including the simple network management port Gigabit switch XS708E ProSafe 8 for a small network for small and medium-sized networks ProSafe 12-port Gigabit Smart Switch XS712T and for the enterprisenetwork and campus network design ProSafe 24 Gigabit copper ports M7100 series Managed Switch XSM7224.

10GBase-T switches three new networks in today’s rapidly changing market, has greatly expanded the NETGEAR Gigabit exchange for future network technology innovation leadership. The new Gigabit copper switches added to NETGEAR Gigabit Swithc Series in 2011, has successfully released NETGEAR ProSafe 24 Gigabit SFP + fiber ports stack three fully managed switches XSM7224S so enterprises through less cost to accelerate the speed of their data centers to achieve enterprise-class and lower deployment difficulty. Through the introduction of the new 10GBase-T swithc, NETGEAR became the first network solutions provider 10GBase-T to provide cost-effective solutions to the user’s network of commercial enterprises, so as to reduce the network performance bottlenecks and provide the one pair unpredictable bandwidth demand for a fast and seamless response. Now, NETGEAR for small office and medium-sized enterprises as well as government agencies with telecommuting point and campus network to provide a complete solution covering Gigabit copper and Gigabit fiber combinations.

Peter Newton also said “NETGEAR Gigabit switching solutions combined with latest improvements in hardware and software engineering, to achieve higher availability, lower latency and energy consumption as well as stronger security features, breakthrough price. a leading position in the industry. Today we release switches that we can provide a complete Gigabit solution, including the scope from small server farm to network convergence, as well as from the laboratory working group to network backbone. 10GBase-T switch will allow NETGEAR has been a non-leader in network management and intelligent network management switch, the first to market the same to be a leader in 10GbE switch.”

10GBase-T-oriented medium-sized enterprises and campus network

The NETGEAR M7100 Series 24-port Gigabit Managed Switch (XSM7224), is the industry’s first high-cost 10G Base-T solution M7100 Series (XSM7224) of the industry to provide a simple, highly reliable, cost-effective Gigabit top-of-rack access the ideal product for enterprise networks, campus networks, providing a high-density, high-performance 10GbE converged solutions. M7100 Series (XSM7224) contains a fully managed, low latency, wire-speed 10GbE copper twisted pair BASE-T switch solutions; 24 10G Base-T (RJ-45) interface, support for Fast Ethernet, thousands Gigabit Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, servers, storage, network expansion offers a variety of access options; addition to 4 SFP + interface 1GbE/10GbE fiber provides more options in conjunction with the other DAC connection.

With other NETGEAR products, M7100 Series (XSM7224) provides more features on the basis of a simple configuration: automatic deployment of iSCSI, private VLAN and local proxy ARP, go to customers in addition to the deployment server virtualization, network services, and deployment 10G infrastructure when brought complexity. M7100 Series (XSM7224) provide true wire-speed performance and rack top virtualization and convergence; At the same time, there is no need, like other network equipment vendors to provide the additional purchase and maintenance costs.

10GBase-T for small and medium-sized networks

By NETGEAR, commercial enterprises, goverment agencies and educational institutions are no longer overpricing Gigabit switching solutions. NETGARE 12 port Gigabit Smart Switch (XS712T), provides 12 10GbE copper twisted-pair RJ-45 ports and two shared 10GbE Fiber SFP + ports. At the same time there is a set of enhanced Layer 2 networking features, the have all NETGEAR Smart Switches friendly Web management interface, support VLAN traffic segmentation, QoS traffic prioritization, the Advanced Security IGMP Snooping; addition the switches also provide advanced features such as : Dynamic VLAN division, double VLAN tagging ACL binding, static routing, and MLP Snooping, commercial network, XS712T can be used as core switches to provide Gigabit connectivity between servers and storage; well as in medium and large scale network for aggregation layer switches, fully managed switches interconnected with the new M7100 series (XSM7224).

10GBase-T for small networks

Not only large companies, government departments are also in the experience of the network pressure because of the large data applications. NETGEAR 8-port Gigabit Enhanced Switch (XS708E), provides eight Gigabit copper twisted pair (RJ-45) port, providing enterprise users with a shared Gigabit Fiber SFP + ports, a very competitive cost-effective products. By 10GBase-T, you can use a standard RJ-45 Ethernet interface and Cat6 or Cat7 class of twisted pair, deployed in the already existing network applications, network speed can be increased from Gigabit Ethernet ten times to Ten Gigabit Ethernet, ne as the NETGEAR ProSafe enhanced switch family, Gigabit enhanced switches provide something beyond some of the basic features of the plug-and-play unmanaged switches, these features can greatly expand the network performance, such as:VLAN segmentation, QoS, IGMP snooping, port aggregation, rate limiting and traffic monitoring. XS708E Gigabit Enhanced Switch is ideal for commercial market, especially for those who order their Gigabit servers, storage devices, to provide a simple and cost-effective Gigabit companies, government agencies and the education sector.


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