A Fiber Optic Light Source Provided in FiberStore

A Fiber Optic Light Source Provided in FiberStore

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At present, low loss fiber optic systems offer almost unlimited bandwidth and unique advantages over all previously developed transmission media. The basic optical transmitters convert electrical signals into modulated light for transmission over an optical fiber. The most common devices used as the light source in optical transmitters are light emitting diode. Fiber optic light source make a good use of this, as light emitting diodes have relatively large emitting areas and used for moderate distances. Fiber optic light source prove to be economical.

fiber optic light source device is mounted on a package that enables optical fiber to couple as much light as possible into the fiber. In some cases a tiny spherical lens is also fitted to collect and focus each possible light onto the fiber. Fiber optic light source is reliable and the most common wavelengths used by fiber optic light source today are 850 to 1300 nanometers or in some cases even 1500 nanometers.

There are two methods through which light can be coupled into the fiber optic light source. One is by pig-tailing and the other is placing the fiber’s tip in very close proximity to an LED or LD. Since the only carrier in these systems is light there is no danger of electrical shock to the personnel repairing broken fibers.

Fiber optic light sources are a necessity for performing fiber optic network testing to measure the fibre optical loss for both single mode fiber cable and multimode fiber cables; They are designed to cover a variety of wavelength ranges to suit all optical testing needs and usually the optical light sources are used with the fiber optic power meter to test the fiber system loss. Light sources are offered in a variety of types including LED, halogen and laser. Usually the optical light source is used with the fiber optic power meters,they act as an economic and efficient solution for the fiber optic network works.

FiberStore provides many kinds of Fiber Light Source, such as handheld fiber optical light source, JW3110 Mini Optical Light Source, Dual Laser Light Source and so on.

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