About Fiber Transceiver Modules Technology

About Fiber Transceiver Modules Technology

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Fiber Transceivers are integrated circuit chips that rotue and receive data. These Optical Transceivers use fiber circuits to send and receive information rather than common electrical wire. Fiber optic circuits are the words for transferring light beams of information through fiber, and
cable wire interfaces. Central hubs are linked to end users at extremely fast speeds with these transceiver chips. To give an idea of how this works, these fiber transceivers can get your home and office joined to the internet, telephone communication and digital television services in record speeds.

The convenience of today’s transceiver chip technology is the speed of signal transfer rates. Tests have shown that these optics can transfer signals up to 160Gbps. In transmission of 1,600 times quicker than Ethernet. Production used to make these small transceiver chips involves semi-conductor materials. They are slight in size but big in power. Internet joining is just one of the things that this growing technology is good for. They are also useful for area and wide range networks, home and business use, and downloading films in record times.

Fiber Transceivers are physical from factors that are created by industry standards. Under the Multi-Source Agreement, all professional manufacturers are held to same design standards. These transceivers are sectioned into support transmission speeds. Each transceiver works in support of specific speeds from 1 Gbps to 10 Gbps. 1 Gbps transceiver from factors are usually known as XFP modules and sfp modules.

As an example, a GBIC module is utilized with one end plugged into an Ethernet port and another end that connects a fiber optic patch cord with a fiber optic network. The fiber optic network and Ethernet information is transformed by this type of module. Hot pluggable optics make changing
interfaces from one type of external device to another easy.

The another fiber optic transceiver example is XENPAK Transceiver. This 10G transceiver fiber module is the largest in size, and contains a dual SC fiber interface. A typical copper line has a max distance of 15 meters, while multimode fiber line functions up to 300 meters.

FiberStore is an professional manufacturer & supplier of transceivers. All of our transceivers are tested in-house prior to shipping to guarantee that they will arrive in perfect physical and working condition. We guarantee transceivers to work in your system and all of our transceivers come with a lifetime advance replacement warranty.

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