Achievements and Challenges of China's Fiber Optic Cable Technology

Achievements and Challenges of China’s Fiber Optic Cable Technology

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In recent years, fiber optic communication technology has been made in the development of new technologies are emerging, which significantly improved communication capabilities and expanding the scope of application of fiber optic communication.

1. Common optical fiber

Ordinary single-mode optical fiber is most commonly used in an optical fiber. With the development of optical communication system, the optical distance relay and a single wavelength channel capacity increases, G.652.A fiber performance is also possible to further optimize performance in the area 1550rim low attenuation coefficient not be fully utilized and the optical fiber the minimum attenuation coefficient and zero dispersion point is not in the same area. The cut off wavelength found ITUTG.654 requirements shifted single-mode optical fiber and dispersion-shifted single-mode optical fiber G.653 predetermined to achieve such improvements.

2. Core network fiber optic cable

China has in the trunk (including State Route, province route and region trunk) on the full adoption of fiber optic cable, multimode fiber have been eliminated, all using a single-mode fiber, including the fiber G.652 and G.655 fiber. G.653 fiber once used in our country, but will be no more development. G.654 fiber because it can not significantly increase the capacity of the fiber optic system, it is not used in China’s terrestrial fiber optic cable. Discrete fiber trunk cable, do not use optical fiber ribbon. Trunk cable is mainly used outdoors, in these cables, which have been previously tight layer construction and the skeleton structure, has been discontinued.

3. Access network fiber optic cable

Short-distance fiber optic cable in the access network, multi-branch, stars inserted frequently, in order to increase the capacity of the network, the number of fibers is usually increased. Especially in the local pipe, the pipe diameter, while increasing the number of optical fiber core to increase the packing density of the optical fiber cable set, resuced fiber diameter and weight, is very important. Access network, G.652 ordinary single-mode fiber and G.652 C low water peak single-mode fiber. Low water peak single-mode fiber suitable for dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) in China has a small amount of use.

4. Indoor fiber optic cable

Indoor fiber optic cable often need to be used for the transmission of voice, data and video signals at the same time. And may also be used for telemetry and sensor. International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) referred to in indoor fiber optic cable in fiber optic cable classification, the author think that should be at least two major parts of the include the fiber optic cable and integrated wiring in the within the bureau with the optical cable. Office cable laying on the central office or other telecommunications room, laying closely orderly and relatively fixed position. Combined with wiring fiber optic cable cloth on the the indoor of the the user end of, mainly by the users to use, Therefore of its vulnerability of should be higher than the Bureau with the optical cable have more stringent consider.

5. Communications cable in the power lines

The optical fiber is a dielectric fiber optic cable can also be made of all-dielectric, completely metal. This all-dielectric fiber optic cable will be ideal communication lines of the power system. There are two all-dielectric fiber optic cable used for the power mast road laying structure: that all dielectric self-supporting (ADSS) structure for overhead line winding structure. ADSS cable because it can separate laying, wide, and has been widely used in China’s power transmission system transformation. ADSS fiber optic cable in the country’s recent demand is a hot product.

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