Advantages Of Fiber Optic Transmission And Application In CCTV System

Advantages Of Fiber Optic Transmission And Application In CCTV System

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The basic architecture of fiber optical communication is only “fiber transmitter” and “fiber receiver” converter units, so that when we want to transmit signals by using fiber optical communication, signals must first be converted into optical signals at the transmitting end, then through fiber to transmit to the receiving end. Finally optical signal is reverts to the original electrical signal, so “optical transceiver” is a very important part in fiber optic communications, components and equipments of this means communication needed have formed another chain. For example, optical receiver, nowadays not few companies have developed optical module which can speed up to 10Gbps.

The Development Of Fiber Optic Technology

With more and more requirements form a variety of video and data CCTV, the video signal transmission distance has been unable to meet the demand, therefore, the progressive development of optical integrated video and control signals (WDM or DWDM multiplexer technology) can transmit over longer distances.

8 Advantages Of Fiber Optic Transmission

1. High sensitivity, is not interfered by the electromagnetic noise;
2. Small size, light weight, long life, low price;
3. Insulation, high pressure, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, for a particular work environment;
4. The geometry can be modulated as the environment requirements, signal transmitted easily;
5. high-bandwidth, less attenuation, long transmission distance;
6. Small signal crosstalk, high transmission quality;
7. High security;
8. Easy to installation and handling of raw materials.

Fiber Optical Transmission In Architecture And Application Of CCTV System

In addition to the requirements of combination video and control, the architecture of CCTV transmission is the main principle of entire fiber transmission construction, with the deployment in different ways, also has different applications and functions.

The application of fiber optic communication is extremely wide, can be broadly divided into five categories, including Telecom network, Datacom network, CCTV and CATV fiber optic transmission network, and Fiber In The Loop (or FITL). While in national defense and military, there are also the applications of fiber optical communication.

In the CCTV network area, they are mostly used as the backbone part of monitoring system, it may combining a simple video and control signals converted to FOT / FOR, there are also over TCP / IP network converts digital video signals converted to TCP / IP signals, for transmission and reduction mode.

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