Analysis of the impediments of plastic optical fiber

Analysis of the impediments of plastic optical fiber

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POF research on key institutions and organizations are the United States POFTO, France POFClub, Japan Association of POF POF Association, recently organized by the South Korean government and the German POF Application Center (POFAC) established in Nuremberg University, Germany Alliance. POF as ideal for short-distance communication network transmission medium is becoming more and more important in the future family of intelligent, office automation, industrial networking and automotive airborne communications net. The same time, we should see further development of the POF industry also encountered some obstacles, such as:

(1) in the current LAN, compared with the existing copper cables that can be upgraded, the use of plastic optical fiber, the cost is still relatively expensive, making ready for a new cable business, will consider the utilization rate and price of the fiber optic cable Is it cost-effective. Therefore, the transition from copper wire to the cable is still a relatively slow process.

(2) lack of market awareness, research institutions, not too close and cooperative relations between the enterprise, resulting in some technology even if was not practical to make substantive progress. Enterprises are more difficult to market with the technical aspects of information.

(3) ATM Forum in May 1997 by 155Mbpa POF and standard hard plastic cladding, but the development and improvement of the uniform standards of the industry as a whole but progress has been slow, which is not conducive to the industrialization of the plastic optical fiber.

(4) POF developers target set too high, the main energy into high-end industries, these industries require higher barriers to entry and more advanced technology makes this should become the POF the mainstream market is still a large number of use copper. POF should be low-end industries as the cornerstone of the gradual occupation of these markets, and then enter the high-end industry.

(5) the lack of a strong business associations to promote the development of POF.

(6) lack of related courses in colleges and universities.

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