Application Characteristics of Armored Fiber-Optic Cables: Fiber Jumper

Application Characteristics of Armored Fiber-Optic Cables: Fiber Jumper

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The designing philosophy of armored fiber jumper is dedicated to use easily like electric wire. What the biggest difference is especially designed to produce a small flexible stainless steel casing to protect the fiber, thus obtain tension stress, bending, rat bite resistance and other good characteristics.

Outside the annular tubes are covering flame retardant PVC, which hit the mark of fire prevention This kind of soft and hard dual protection, make information unblocked. In addition, the unique design makes the construction of optical fiber more convenient, reduce the loss in the construction process, and can improve the service life of the optical fiber connector.


1) stainless steel protective armor, with tensile resistance, resistant to repeated bending, rat bite, etc.

2) good softness, and the diameter nearly the same as average fiber jumper, space saving.

3) when the external force on the armored fiber jumper can avoid stress that fiber produced, ensure stable cables management system operation.

4) can be easy to use, make the cables management work easier.
Cable structure:

High strength aramid fiber reinforcement to ensure that the optical fiber tensile strain, outer diameter for the standard cable are suitable for all kinds of fiber connectors. Using combustion, environmental protection, and high temperature resistant fiber cladding material, small diameter, light weight and high flexibility.

Product application:

1, Suitable for indoor & outdoor cables along the wall, roof, mezzanine and catheter, in a standard and solid structure design and manufacture of communication equipment fiber optic pigtails can be directly used in the connection between the devices.

2, Indoor vertical horizontal cabling, building cabling, LAN connection, it is recommended to use in place of connection directly with end users.

3, Between buildings, outdoor community backbone cabling; Outdoor wiring directly into interior, reduce the cost.

4, Used as a backbone of the stern line, from the backbone devices access to buildings directly, isolation of thunder and lightning, improve system reliability.

5, Minimum bending radius is small, which can provide large capacity and multiple clients indoor distribution cables unit installation, wiring, and can be used independent branch.

6, Recommended for high-density wiring, small installation space and the curvature of the occasion.


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