Armored Loose Tube Cables Prepared to Be Spliced

Armored Loose Tube Cables Prepared to Be Spliced

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Stripping And Preparing Cable

Successful splicing or termination relies on first being able to expose the fibers completely and safely. If the installer cannot do this, splicing or termination is irrelevant.

Goal is to open cable and expose the fibers for splicing or termination without harming them. This involves stripping off the cable jacket, removing strength members and binders, and on OSP loose tube cables, cutting the tubes and removing gel if present. Armored Loose Tube prepare to spliced This process, like termination or splicing, requires knowledge and practice to perform correctly.

1. Armored cables are usually a loose tube cable covered with metal armor and a second jacket

2. A simple tubing cutter will cut the armor and outside jacket for removal

3. Cut to the full cutting depth of the blade on the tubing cutter – that is usually the correct cutting depth – near the end of the cable – about 10-15 cm or 4-6Ó

4. Pull off the cut outer jacket if possible

5. If not, pull the ripcords out each side and use to split the armor and jacket down the cable

6. Roll the ripcords around a pair of needlenose pliers to start cutting the jacket

7. When the ripcords are started cutting the jacket, pull back along the cable to slit the jacket and armor.

8. Slit both sides if necessary.

9. Do not pull out from the cable – as it is more likely to break the ripcords10 Cut again with the tubing cutter at the point where the jacket must be removed.

10. After splitting the armor and outer jacket, the inner cable can be removed. Pull it out of the armor making certain that is it not bent too much or kinks

11. Some very rugged cables require splitting the armor on both sides to remove the inner cable.

12. After removing the armor, prepare like any loose tube cable prepared process.

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