Brief Introduction of Fiber Optical Auttenuator

Brief Introduction of Fiber Optical Auttenuator

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Fiber Optical Attenuator is used an electronic device often reduce the level of performance of an optical signal in a fiber optic communication system. In the optical fiber is also known as transmission loss attenuation. Attenuation is an important element in order to limit the transmission of a digital signal, at large distances. An optical attenuator reduces this optical signal as it propagates along a free space or an optical fiber.

There are three basic types of fiber optical attenuator, fixed attenuators reduce light signals through certain amount with negligible or no reflection. Because signal reflection is not an issue, fixed attenuators for precise data transmission becomes known. Above a certain temperature, size and height Fixed attenuators are often used in order to improve inter-stage matching circuit in an electronic circuit. Thorlab fixed attenuators are dB from 5 dB to 25. Mini-Circuits’ fixed attenuators are packaged in robust plug-in and plug models. They are available in both 50 – and 76-ohm models spanning from 1to 40 dB DC to 1500 MHz.

Optical variable attenuator is a double window (1310/1550nm) of passive components. The variable optical attenuator could continually and variably attenuate the light intensity in the optical fiber transmission. Variable fiber optic attenuator could help simulate distance or actual attenuation in the fiber optic testing work by inserting a calibrated attenuation into the link.

In the variable optical attenuator, resistors, which replaced with electronic devices, such as the metal-semiconductor field-effect transistor and PIN diodes. Variable Optical Attenuator light signal or beam in a controlled manner, thereby producing an output optical beam with different attenuated intensity. The attenuator is the power ratio between the light beam from the device and the light beam in the device for a variable rate. Variable optical attenuators are typically used in fiber optic communication systems to regulate optical power to damage in optical receivers, which can be prevented by irregular or fluctuating power levels. The price of commercial veriable optical attenuator depends on the production technology used ever.

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