Brief Introduction of the Network Cable Line Tester
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Brief Introduction of the Network Cable Line Tester

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In this information age, I would like to recommend you a very useful cable line testing tool-Network Cable Tester, which is an absolute time savers for installers and technicians in the fiber cabling installation and maintenance.
Generally speaking, a network cable tester is a device that is designed to verify whether or not an Ethernet computer network cable is capable of successfully transferring data from “point A” to “point B.” If you want to use your network cable tester, you need only to make sure that the actual cable you want to test is hooked up correctly. If you use it to test an Ethernet cable, it will show you whether the cable is capable of carrying an Ethernet signal or not. If it is working well, their will be signals light or images shows on the LCD which means the working condition of the cable is OK. Because as the cable carries the signal, this indicates that all the circuits are closed, meaning that electric current can move unimpeded through the wires, and that there are no short circuits or unwanted connection in the wire.
Network cable testers vary in complexity and price. A basic tester consists of a source of electrical current, a measuring device that shows if the cable is good and the condition of the connection between the two, usually the cable itself, that is, the basic network cable line tester can test for simple connectivity issues but may not identify other problems that cause the cable to malfunction. For example, the NS-468B LAN Network Cable Wire RJ45 BNC Tester, it is the simplest network cable line tester that being provided on our website. It supports the network RJ-45 cable Continuity Test and can also tests the BNC network cables, when you want to test the double-twisted cables, just switch on the power: Main tester:1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-G Remote tester:1-4-3-2-5-6-7-8-G, if you want to test cables of the same axes, BNC turns on when the cable works. See, it is very easy to use and only have the basic functions. While for a little more complexity tester, it may able to test the cat.5e, cat6e, UTP, STP cable and the coaxial cable as well as the telephone wire, tec. It also could test the situations like the breaking at the set point, the short circuits, the Gross pair wire, and the split pairs as well the reversed pair wire, etc. Eg: TL-828-A Multifunction Network Fiber Cable and Phone Line Tester.
All in all, a network cable tester can be a simple apparatus that merely identifies whether current flows through the cable, while a complex device that gives additional information that helps identify the problem, and the professional-level network cable testers may not only tell if an open circuit exists, but also identify where the break is located, some also identify the gauge of wire used and can generate their own signal to test for interference. We FiberStore provide many types of this network cable line tester of different price and complexity, welcome to visit our website for further consideration, and also the telephone line tester.

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