Buy a Handheld Professional Telephone Line Tester

Buy a Handheld Professional Telephone Line Tester

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Making sure that your telephone line is working is very important to anyone who relies upon the line not only for phone calls, but also for internet connections, faxes or other types of communication. If you want to make sure that your phone line is working, then you should consider buy a professional style handheld telephone line tester. One of the options is to use a tester created by FiberStore. This product is ideal if you want to try an ADSL line, and can be used by both engineers and technicians dealing with this equipment.

The line tester is designed with mdern technologies which includes a computer panel, along with last-number display and redial. It can perform a range of multi-line type tests, as well as wire checks, and tests for breaks and damage to the line insulation. Using the tester will give you both high and low volt warnings, and there are also a range of additional functions including automatic power-off, and FSK compatibility. The LCD screen used to display the line voltage and test results is of high resolution, giving a clear idea of what the results are. There are also test clamps provided, and the volt meter complies to all modern standards.

The handheld telephone line tester is designed to allow you to check telephone lines which have recently been installed in buildings, or to check the performance of older devices. If you need help in checking whether your telephone line is the cause of internet connection problems, then the handheld telephone line tester is the ideal machine for you. Carefully designed by experts to ensure that you get accurate ADSL phone line readings, this device can be used by expert technicians and ADSL engineers, and has a variety of different accessories designed to help you get the best from this tester.

Telephone Line Tester is a new kind of line fault tester with safety & multi-functions capabilities. Besides the functions as a common Tel Line Tester, it also has the functions of high voltage protection and dangerous voltage warning.A phone line tester is used for detecting either digital or analog phone systems as well as the line polarity. Telephone line testers are good for both personal and professional use. Fiberstore supply some mini phone line tester,and other Telephone line tester. For more information, please contact our sales representative right now. Save your time & money for your business or project! is a worldwide leading manufacturer & supplier of fiber optic products, we also supply Network Cable Tester,Crimping Tool and so on. We have been in these business almost 7 years. We have our own factory and our own professional R&D department. We are specializing in supplying fiber optic components and network equipment.

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