Buy Fixed Flange Fiber Optic Attenuators from Fiberstore

Buy Fixed Flange Fiber Optic Attenuators from Fiberstore

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Fiber optic attenuator, as a kind of optical passive components, is mainly used in the optical communication system in debugging the performance of the optical power, optical instrument calibration correction and optical signal attenuation. Optical attenuator mixes the attenuation of optical fiber with metal ions, and can adjust the light power to the required level.

Maybe there are many people who do not know the purpose of fiber optic attenuator, and now we will give you detailed introduction. It is mainly used in optical fiber communication systems, optical fiber CATV, and high power optical measurement devices for attenuation to inputting optical power and avoid the distortion of optical receivers made by strong input light power.

Optical attenuators can be divided into four classes depending on the type of ports, there are SC, LC, FC, ST optical attenuators. Fixed fiber use flange joint implementation can have a variety of the way, and now we will introduce the Fixed Flange LC/UPC Fiber Optic Attenuator in Fiberstore. It’s better than other general optical attenuators because it has independent wavelength. Attenuation level range from 1dB to 20 dB for us to choose, it can be used durably, and the installation process is also very easy. This kind of optical fiber attenuator in Fiberstore has very reasonable price and is quite worth buying.

Fiber Optic Attenuator

Features of Fiberstore‘s Fixed Flange LC/UPC Fiber Optic Attenuator:

  • Operating Wavelength: SM: 1310nm, 1550nm
  • MM: 850nm, 1300nm
  • Return loss:Less than 55dB (UPC)
  • Attenuation Accuracy: +/-0.5 (1~10) +/-1.0(11~30)
  • Polarization Dependent Loss: Less than 0.2dB
  • Max. Optical Input Power: 200mW
  • Operating Temp Range: -40~80°C

Fiberstore offers many types of Optical Attenuators. You can choose the right ones according to your need of different interfaces and dB. Even you are not clear about some specifications which you need, you can contact us by live chat or senting mail to directly.

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