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Cable management Panel products applications

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Horizontal cable managers are mainly used to accommodate the internal cabinet cable connection between the adjacent unit equipment, 1U and 2U, single-sided and double-sided, with cover and without cover different institutional portfolio. Cable from the left and right, up and down and out, some have the ability to access before and after. The vertical cable manager extension cabinet and rack outside two internal vertical cable management is mainly used for the cable connection between the management inside the enclosure for the upper and lower unit equipment, generally equipped with left and right hinged doors open.

Siemon’s VersaPOD cabinet, for example, pick a few examples of the wiring and jumper management to introduce the installation and use of the horizontal / vertical cable management within the cabinet.

The VersaPOD cabinet main feature is that when two or more cabinets arranged in a system, the cabinet space to form a vertical wiring system. The cabinet of four main structural columns inward, forming a 178mm vertical channel, throughout the entire cabinet 45U height. Vertical wiring system of the wiring for the device to provide additional mounting space within a dedicated space on the server rack. In the high-density network cabinet, trunking channel can be set to provide additional administrative space for the jumper cables arranged. cabinet

Network cabinet with edge and core switches. Due to the high density of the wiring of the cabinet, a typical installation 19” patch panels and standard fiber optic wiring box mounted on the top of the cabinet or adjacent cabinet (switch cabinets multiple switches).

Vertical cable management Panel  (VP-VPC) contains the wiring for the copper and fiber connections. Patch panel installed at the front of the cabinet, the general front wiring.

The low density switch vertical cable management arm within the wiring can be used, similar to the server rack configuration.

Switch cabinet or a top-of-rack switches, recessed columns and horizontal cable management arm to form a the transcontinental column within each cabinet accessible wiring channel, using this method can improve the utilization rate of the switch port to reduce the number of switches required to entire column.

2.the central wiring area cabinet

Users for centralized wiring area need to be installed in the cabinet instead of open-rack, VersaPOD solution provides a double density central wiring area set within the cabinet. The VersaPOD can be installed at the front and rear of the patch panel, the jumper cabinet front-end and back-end connection. In this case, you must use the vertical cable management arm with the manager. Thanks retrusion column, jumper wires can extend to the other two directions cabinet door. In this case, it is recommended that the right amount of horizontal cable management arm, installed at the same height of the cabinet to facilitate horizontal cable extending collapse cabinet.

3.server cabinet

The server cabinet usually equipped with a blade server or rack server (also known as the pizza box server), the the wiring port capacity calculation rules, the server usually contains primary and secondary two network connection (usually copper interface), both the main and auxiliary storage network connection (typically fiber optic) and one or two-band or out-of-band management of the port. Can also be equipped with a keyboard and mouse to another video connection (KVM) copper interface. Vertical wiring space management connection to ensure that the cable will not obstruct the the server rear fan exhaust heat. In case the wiring density is low, the vertical patch panels and vertical patch panels may also provide the use of the two adjacent cabinets.

The server cabinet vertical patch panel the VPP is usually installed in the rear of the cabinet. Management on both sides of the vertical patch panels can be used to manage the data cable and power cord.

4.the storage area network cabinet

Storage area network (SAN) cabinet using copper or fiber for fiber, but in most cases, usually the high density is used to connect storage devices or storage-oriented (SAN switches). VersaPOD vertical maximum fiber density of the wiring area for optical fiber connector provides the best wiring channel. Can be selected bit flexible vertical cable management arm, the Simon patent installed 1/4 rotation fixed cable management ring or fiber winding column, fixed fiber jumpers and pre-connected to the fiber optic cable, and to ensure that the correct bend radius.

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