Troubleshootings and Solutions for Campus Cabling System

Troubleshootings and Solutions for Campus Cabling System

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Campus fiber network integrated cabling system is the important foundation of the campus network, is a kind of modularization, flexibility, high information transmission channels between the buildings. It can make voice, data, images, and exchange equipment and other information management systems connect to each other, also can make the equipment connected to external communication network. In order to ensure the function of campus network cabling system and development needs, as well as common troubleshooting on campus network.

Common optical fiber network cabling system troubleshooting

Twisted-pair cable is one of the most common transmission medium campus network access layer, line fault is given priority to with a single point of failure, mostly the smaller effective. Common fault with fiber connector on both ends of the lines, line sequence is not in accordance with the wiring standards production, crystal plug and the network module contact oxidation, electromagnetic interference, etc.

Campus network backbone is the fiber optic transmission medium, the optical fiber failure generally for regional failure, range widely. Common failures are contaminated fiber optic connectors, terminal box, optical cable, fiber jumper, tail fiber disruption, etc.

1. The cable failure by damage

Phenomenon: campus network convergence switch area can’t surf the Internet to all users. Core switches corresponding bottom allied field observation and convergence switch part optical fiber connection module is not bright.

Solution: Optical Time-Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) the line is measured through the connector, to calculate the fault point and the distance between the test ends, then compare the original data, such as the optical cable maintenance detail chart, can determine the approximate location, the general location along the road patrol, to find the exact point of failure, to weld cable. Cable line facilities maintenance to standardized management, ensure good buried lines monument, signs, billboard, pipeline, hand holes and other facilities for aerial optical, best buried underground or improve cable overhead height.

2. The failure caused by fiber jumper

Phenomenon: the reformation of a funnel switches in the room, change the larger volume switch cabinet, the second line of a few access layer switches in the network connection is not stable.

Solution: To customize the 5 meters fiber optic jumper wire to replace the original 3 m jumper, and redesigned line. Choosing the length of the jump line in the future, depending on the connected device, the length of the path, and leave the natural curve of the appropriate allowance is advisable.

Informatization campus fiber optic network is a complex system, integrated cabling system as an important part of campus fiber optic network, and use one of the longest cycle infrastructure. In the daily operation of the campus network, integrated wiring failure is inevitable, only grasp the basic principle of fiber network system and the construction technology, and continuously through the operational practice to accumulate experience, and gradually improve the management pattern, improve the technical documentation, in order to improve the efficiency, the campus fiber optic network development in the direction is the fast, safe and perfect, to better provide high quality network services for the majority of teachers and students.


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