Can’t Miss Useful Fiber Testing Tool-Optical Multimeter

Can’t Miss Useful Fiber Testing Tool-Optical Multimeter

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Last time we have talked about the important of network cable tester and also make an introduction of some of its models. Today in this essay let’s come to another kind of tester that plays an important role in fiber testing, that is the optical multimeter.

What is optical multimeter? It is an integrated unit of power meter and light source, it integrates both an optical power meter module and an optical light source module and can perform closed-loop tests by using both modules, and can also work individually. It is specifically designed for technical support personnel to test a variety of instruments with a single meter and thus satisfy the user by providing a choice of greater convenience and more advantages. And it can be used in: Telecom optical installations, CATV optical installations, Optical test laboratories, Fiber optics installation and maintenance, SDH, SONET, Gigabit Ethernet, CATV, PON / FTTx, Opt LAN, CWDM / DWDM and out of band testing, Optical network commissioning, Quality assurance and acceptance testing.JW3207-handheld-optical-multimeter

Because the fiber optic multimeter integrates both the power meter and the light source, its testing range can be classified to two types even with the same light source, for the power meter has two version: one’s testing range is -70dBm to +3dBm and the other is-50dBm to +26dBm (its may differ a little in different types). And for the same testing range of the power meter, you can also choose different type of light source for its different wavelength, and the common two types is 850/1300nm for Multi mode while 1310/1550nm for Single mode. And usually the calibrated wavelength of power meter is 850nm / 1300nm / 1310nm / 1490nm / 1550nm (some may also cover 1625nm, while some may cover 980nm).

Generally, these kind of optical multimeter is small in weight and size, and with FC universal 2.5mm adapter. It is really a kind of very useful tool for fiber optic network maintenance and testing. If you are interested in it, welcome to visit


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