CFP4 Transceivers Ready to Light Up New Generation of 100GbE Interfaces
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CFP4 Transceivers Ready to Light Up New Generation of 100GbE Interfaces

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Global Internet traffic is constantly increasing at an eye-popping rate due to more Internet users and devices. In order to keep pace with this traffic, the Internet requires an upgrade. At present, many thousands of 100GbE links are already deployed in the field. And the market for 100G data center optics is accelerating. According to the report of IHS Infonetics, 100G will make up over 50% of data center optical transceiver transmission capacity by 2019. The vast majority are CFP (C Form-factor Pluggable) optical modules which deliver 100Gbps data rates.

There is an evolution of CFP modules defined by the CFP MSA, as the following picture shown. CFP and CFP2 are earlier version and have already been widely available in the market. The market is now moving toward CFP4 optical modules to quadruple port density compared with CFP. The first CFP4 products are expected in 2013. But the CFP4 specifications document has been available at the CFP MSA since last year at OFC 2014 (Optical Fiber Communication Conference 2014). The MSA members announced the availability of the CFP4 specifications defining the electrical and physical requirements for the 100Gbps CFP4 optical transceiver products and systems. At present, CFP4 modules are still rare and expensive. Only a few of vendors can offer CFP4 modules. Thus, people in this industry consider that CFP4 is ready to light up new generation of 100GbE Interfaces with its advantages.


In fact, CFP4 is similar with its predecessor but with more optimization. Here are the CFP4 features:

  • 2x CFP2 (4x CFP) faceplate density (See following diagram)
  • CFP has 12x10G TX and RX electrical I/O pairs. CFP2 has 8x25G TX and RX I/O pairs, while CFP4 has 4x25G TX and RX I/O pairs
  • 25G optimized top PCB (printed circuit board) layer only traces and connector pins
  • Less than 6W power usage
  • CFP4 is half the size of the CFP2 and is slightly wider and longer than the QSFP


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