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Choose Mux Demux Modules From FiberStore

Posted on by FS.COM

Where can you get the best Mux Demux Modules? I suggest you should come to FiberStore. From 2012 on, FiberStore has came to be the best fiber optic products supplier in China. Our products are all inexpensive with high quality.

As Mux Demux Modules are playing an important role in fiber optic network, more and more areas need these good products. First, let us have a talk about mux/demux. In telecommunications, a multiplexer(or mux) is a device that combines several input information signals into one output signal, which carries several communication channels, by means of some multiplex technique. A demultiplexer(or demux) is, in this context, a device taking a single input signal that carries many channels and separates those over multiple output signals.

What we are going to say today, is the CWDM mux and demux. CWDM is short for coarse wavelength division multiplexing, a technology of WDM. CWDM mux and CWDM demux are designed to multiplex multiple CWDM channels into one or two fibers. The core of CWDM modules application is the passive mux/demux unit. In FiberStore, the common configuration of CWDM modules is 1*4, 1*8, 1*16 channels, available in 19 Rack Mount or LGX module package. Optional wide band port for existing 1310nm or 1550nm port is available to multiplex with these CWDM Channels. Together with CWDM transceiver series or the wavelength converter series, the bandwidth of the fiber can be utilized in a cost effective way. The important advantage of CWDM modules is the cost of the optics which is typically 1/3rd of the cost of the equivalent DWDM optics.

Let us have a look at one of the CWDM mux/demux modules in FiberStore. This is a 8 Channels CWDM module. And here are its Key Features.

1). One rack unit (RU) in height housing-1U
2). Rack mountable in 19 (23 also available on customer requirement)
3). Mux and Demux combined in one 1U Rack
4). Compliant to ITU-T G.694.2 CWDM standard
5). Accepts any data rate and any protocol on any port up to 10 Gbps, 40 Gbps and 100 Gbps
6). Fully transparent at all data rates and protocols from T1 to 40 Gbps
7). Completely passive, no power supply needed
8). Simple to install, requires no configuration or maintenance
9). Low-cost transceivers applicable, existing equipment can still be used
10). ISO 9001 manufacturing facility
11). Lifetime Product Warranty

Note: CWDM mux/demux combine and split light signal of CWDM wavelengths. CWDM transceivers generate light signals of specific CWDM wavelengths. OEO converts two independent signals into a corresponding wavelength in CWDM and DWDM network infrastructures. In addition, the integrated 3R functionality enables to accomplish a transmission of long distances up to 80km. If CWDM transceivers can plug into active devices directly, No need OEO converters.

Welcome to FiberStore and we will offer you the best fiber optic products which are all in good performance.


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