CIOE Three Major Concerns: 10G PON, High-speed Optical Modules, Domestic PLC

CIOE Three Major Concerns: 10G PON, High-speed Optical Modules, Domestic PLC

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September 5, carrier capital spending in the first half of 2012 as well as the global economic downturn affected the prosperity of the optical communications industry. As can be seen from the semi-annual report of the optical communications vendors first half of optical communication equipment, fiber optical cable, and optical devices to maintain a good pace of development, but overall profits dropped sharply. But the bad news behind, also bears a historic opportunity for the optical communication industry development.

March 30, the Ministry of industry and information popularization of broadband speed at engineering mobilization deployment conference announced at the meeting officially start implementing the “Popularization of Broadband Speed Project” for 2012 years of periodic goals include 4M or more broadband access product users more than 50%, new FTTH covering more than 35 million families.

Broadband China strategy undoubtedly let optical communications vendors have more space to imagine the future. In this context, the 14th China International Optoelectronic Exposition held on September 6th to the 9th exhibition of the latest products and technologies of domestic and foreign manufacturers of optical communication, optical communication technologies and development forum held in the same period.


The ultimate XingTong 10G G / EPON central office optical module will be on display, this the domestic optical devices manufacturers 10G OLT GPON products on display for the first time. Emerging companies in Sichuan Mars will also be on display 10G EPON asymmetric / symmetric OLT / ONU Source Photonics 10G EPON and XG-PON products will be on display, optical components maker Sichuan optical constant will also bring their 10G product exhibitors.

High-speed Optical Modules

10G optical module after several years of development, the domestic has many manufacturers launched related products, The current optical broadband Expo Shanghai letter will also be launched two 10G products. 40G/100G high-speed products, many manufacturers launched, in addition to veteran maker Mitsubishi Electric and Source Photonics, InnoLight Technology, Gigalight new easy Sheng 40G QSFP and CFP products will also be on display.

PLC Chip

PLC chip has always been dominated by Japan and other foreign manufacturers, the current exhibition PPI Wooriro PLC chip manufacturers continue exhibitors, but the country still capable of optoelectronics, the Shijia photon and Hangzhou Amano, all the exhibitors, the first half still capable of photoelectrichas launched a commercial PLC chip, the Shijia photon production, the Shijia photon and Hangzhou Amano will also be held during CIOE new product launches are also announced in August. PLC splitter for FTTH passive components profits most foreign chip makers to grasp the localization of the chip, will be of great significance.

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