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Comprehensive grasp of Punch down tool from FiberStore

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I have tried to know the Punch down tool and get imformation from Wikipedia. It’s not interesting but necessary to our works in fiber optic areas. A punch down tool is also called a punchdown tool or a krone tool. You can also call it this name krone punch down tool if you like. It’s a small hand tool used by telecommunication and network technicians for inserting wire into insulation-displacement connectors on punch down blocks, patch panels, keystone modules, and surface mount boxes.

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Now let me introduce it to you. Most punch down tools are of the impact type, consisting of a handle, an internal spring mechanism, and a removable slotted blade. To use the punch down tool, a wire is pre-positioned into a slotted post, and then the punch down tool is pressed down on top of the wire, over the post. Once the required pressure is reached, the internal spring is triggered, and the blade pushes the wire into the slot, cutting the insulation, and securing the wire. For light-duty use, there are also less expensive punch down tools with fixed blades and no impact mechanism. To accommodate different connector types, 66, 110, BIX and krone require different blades. Removable blades for 66 or 110 are often double-ended, with one end that only inserts the wire for daisy-chain wiring from post to post, and another end that inserts wire and trims the excess length for termination at a post. The trimming blade cutting edge works against the plastic insulating post. Krone blades require a separate scissor-like mechanism for trimming the wire.

To know more about the punch down tool, I select one of our products to explain in details.

Name:Krone-LSA-PLUS Insertion/Punch Down Tool

1.Combined the impacted punch down and torque tool function

2.Build-in screwdriver & wire- pull function

3.The LSA-Plus insertion tool with sensor is the key to unparalleled contact reliability and guarantees fast and clean working.

4.Simply applying pressure with the tool enables the wire to be trimmed and connected in a gas-tight connection in a single action.

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