Construction of Broadband Network Highlights the Advantages of Plastic Optical Fiber

Construction of Broadband Network Highlights the Advantages of Plastic Optical Fiber

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In the field of communication that optical fiber have been used for many years, but when it comes to optical fiber communication, most people will associate it with “high-end” together. Indeed, optical fiber transmission capacity is big but it’s loss is small. However, if you want it big enough to the optical fiber communication network deployment, small enough to the fusion of optical fiber links, connection and test, both of them have very high requirements on technology and equipment. And high costs, material are limited so that it is not applicable to some situations.

To some extent, the emergence of the plastic optical fiber solves the fiber optic popularity in a series of problems, ultra-high transparent plastic or resin fiber, fiber toughness can be greatly improved, no longer appear easily optical fiber wire core fracture problems. Can also move the optical fiber, solves the problems of fiber material in the local area network (LAN) vulnerable, and reduces the equipment cost of fiber materials production and processing, this will be a technology revolution about fiber products.

In the FTTH solution, the connection of quartz optical fiber is difficult, production cost is high, the system installation and maintenance cost is high, increasing the cost of FTTH construction , and increase user’s burden, hindered the further promotion of FTTH. Plastic optical fiber became the best choice to solve this problem, use of plastic optical fiber with quartz optical fiber, at the end of the FTTH fiber optic cable access will have a big effect, which can solve the last few hundred meters of fiber access problems. Plastic optical fiber with light weight, flexible, good flexible, corrosion resistant, moisture proof, shockproof explosion-proof, no electromagnetic interference and radiation, confidentiality, security and does not change with transfer status, therefore, the plastic optical fiber will become the strong competitors and even copper networks substitutes.

In developed countries, the plastic optical fiber is used to replace five/six kinds of copper networks and used in the home network, is a kind of affordable optical fiber. Telecom companies in Europe and North America and European Union plastic optical fiber has been testing the plastic optical fiber, they think this kind of medium is easy to install, low prices, flexible and not damaging to eyes.

Compared with the traditional optical fiber, plastic optical fiber has the energy conservation and environmental protection, simple installation, low maintenance cost, strong confidentiality, lightning protection electricity etc. Plastic optical fiber also get the attention of the enterprise and related personnel, and has wide application prospect in the market. But compared to the international market, plastic optical fiber in domestic has not been true for approval, the industry of plastic optical fiber, mainly focused on its loss, costs, and industrial support. Optical communication field’s famous expert professor Mao Qian believed that an objective orientation, for plastic optical fibers is the precondition for the development and application of plastic optical fiber. Plastic optical fiber is not to replace silica fiber, but complementary, in terms of solving short broadband connections, plastic optical fiber has obvious advantages.

With the broadband of China’s boom, FTTH become the new era, different construction technology for copper wire, silica fiber door to bring a great test of the construction team. In telecommunications research institute deputy chief engineer of Beijing Zhang Chengliang said: “the actual installation in FTTH, home wiring problem still brought great trouble to engineering.” Because of its high rate of plastic optical fiber, strong mechanical performance, the operation of the civil procedure, during the construction of a household, has already become the most ideal medium last 100 meters of FTTH.With the union last year, China plastic optical fiber industry, the coordinated development of all the vendor implementations, plastic optical fiber industrial chain from industry towards the application of mature, in the domestic policy, the 12th five-year plan, such as power, plastic optical fiber industry market will have a leap.

Plastic optical fiber parties advantages are undisputed, the current has both domestic policy, and there is a market for attention, although in terms of industry chain, technology is not mature, but should grasp opportunities for development, the future of China’s broadband development, plastic optical fiber will lead the industry trend.

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