Cost-effective Handheld Optical Multi Meter JW3204

Posted on by FS.COM is a worldwide leading manufacturer & supplier of fiber optic products, it is specializing in supplying fiber optic components and network equipment. And today, I would like to recommend one of its optical multimeter to you, it is very cost-effective and really popular among the customers, that is the JW3204 Handheld Optical Multi Meter. Which integrates both an optical power meter module and an optical light source module and can perform closed-loop tests by using both modules, it provides greater convenience and lots of advantages to the technical support personnel for it can test a variety of instruments with a single meter.

For this JW3204 Handheld Optical Multi Meter, it owns the following features: includes all the outstanding functions of the handheld power meter (JW3203R), includes all the outstanding functions of the handheld stable light source(JW3104), perfect combination to make your fiber measurements more convenient, different light sources and power meters can be built into JW3204. And just as the other kinds of optical multimeter, the JW3204 series handheld optical multi meters can be applied in the following area: Some can be used as maintenance in Telecom, some can be used as maintenance in CATV, and all of them can test lab of optical fibers and doing some other fiber optic measurement. And now we can provide the following four types of JW3204 series optical multi meter: JW3204A (measurement range of the power meter module: -70~+3dBm), JW3204B (measurement range of the power meter module: -60~+10dBm), JW3204C (measurement range of the power meter module:-30~+20dBm), JW3204D (measurement range of the power meter module: -20~+30dBm). Their uncertainty is 5%, calibrated wavelengths is 850, 980, 1310, 1550nm, resolution is 0.01dB and the output Stability usually to be ±0.05dB/15mins; ±0.1dB/ 8hours. And it can working in the Temperature: -25~+70(℃).

If you have any questions or needs of this cost-effective and high quality JW3204 handheld optical multi meter, welcome to contact us at a: Direct Line: 86-755-83003611, b: Fax: 86-755-83269395, c:Email Address or We will provide you our best service.

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