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Cost Factors 10Gb Ethernet Development

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2013 increasingly unlikely to become a 10Gb/s Ethernet (10GbE) widely used. Of course, we will be told that this year will be 10Gb/s Ethernet year, like the past few years, we have been repeatedly told. The reason?, Not because of technical capacity- 10Gb/s Ethernet technology has stabilized down time- but because of the cost.

When 1000Base-T technology dominate the market, you can insert your own 10/100 devices to 10/100/1000 switch, then it can work. More important when 1Gb/s Ethernet switch port cost has dropped to a very low, that do not need to maintain high throughput on these links, we all feel myself spent the money on the port. If we need to 1Gb/s Ethernet on in there, even if most of the time we do not need.

Some people believe that 10Gb / s Ethernet will follow the same pattern, but even these optimists also began to predict the 2014 10Gbase-T will obtain more than an alternative solution deployment. Even at that time, we will continue to face and deal with all types of 10GbE interface types.

The price is still an obstacle. The price of each switch port 1000Base-T can be only $10, while the most common type 10GbE ports- SFP+ – switch port cost should be $300, I expected that this cost can be reduced to less than $200 before the end of the year. 10Gbase-T is still a little more expensive than the unit cost of switch ports SFP+ transceiver, compared to SFP+ 10Gbase-T in the market even more rare.

10G SFP+


Cisco will tell you 10Gbse-T timing is now. Of course, it must rely on like unit Gb costs like lying to convince people. Most of the enterprise is not prepared to improve the connection bandwidth, so only imagine that we will do is trying to sell ten gbe can only show manufacturers not willing to participate in the 10GbE market to commercialization.

Clever PPT slides can rant “10 times the bandwidth of only three times the cost”, but it just evaded the real mainstream adoption problem: most enterprises do not need 10 times the bandwidth, but also do not want to pay the cost of three times.

If you exchange infrastructure is the Cisco the end- to -end, you may not care about how costs. You may not care about the $100 SFP+ Direct Connect cable or $300 of SFP+ fiber optic transceiver. If your business depends on the commodity SMEs switch, then you like me would have been almost free 1Gb/s link, until 10GbE down to a reasonable price level.

Cisco, Juniper and other vendors are not prepared to promote commercialization. They have faced the problem of marginalization in the 2013 market. Software-defined notwork is increasingly becoming a threat to proprietary products, and ultimately it may crowd out our core infrastructure for decades to these vendors.

Intel has great fanfare 10GbE configuration to the motherboard, and promote its commercialization. All servers in the future will be ready to adopt 10GbE, but for many companies, they will no one dialogue with them.

As the the switch chip giant Intel can choose to let 10Gbase-T tomorrow explosive appeared in a quarter of the market. The company produces excellent 10GbE switch chip – a very low price to the D-Link or Netgear will rewrite the pattern of the whole market.

Unfortunately, Intel does not look ready to save the SME market in 2013, its switching chip is currently being deployed as an alternative solution for Cisco products in the high-end competition. Early 10GbE prices down to commodity levels of Intel and uneconomical.

With the warming of the mobile market, as manufacturers strive to produce different types of chips increasing, it seems other manufacturers not idle production capacity to reduce 10GbE switch chip, especially new 40-nanometer process switch chip -this chip will it be possible to 10Gbase-T reasonable energy consumption level. (However, if you are really worried about energy consumption, 10Gbase-T or not considered)

So we have to wait – for one year, possibly two years. If you also hope that this year its price has fallen sharply, and I advise you not to hold this hope. 10GbE year will come, but not in 2013.

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