Secure Data Center Solution – Keyed LC Connection System 

Secure Data Center Solution – Keyed LC Connection System 

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In recent years, data center security has become increasingly important for mission critical applications. While security in the network can be improved with sophisticated software tools, it is imperative that the right decisions be made in the early stage of the infrastructure design in order to protect the ever-increasing amount of sensitive data being exchanged over today’s networks. The keyed LC connection system is designed with 12 different keying options, which can physically segregate network segments and therefore provide an increased level of security and stability by protecting against incorrect patching of circuits.

What’s Keyed LC Connection System Design?
Unlike standard LC connector, which is either blue or green, the keyed LC connector is designed with 12 different colors. Each color features a unique keying pattern that only allows matched color mating. Seen from the figure below, the key pattern of the yellow connector and adapter is different from the key pattern of the red connector and adapter. Therefore, each LC keyed connector will mate only with same-color LC keyed adapter, or the keying will prevent them from carrying the signal. Besides, the LC keyed connectors won’t even mate with standard LC adapters. This different color different key design can prevent inadvertent or unauthorized access to networks and provide fast and easy network identification.

keyed LC connector

What Can Keyed LC Connection System Achieve?
The use of color-coded and differently keyed connectors and adapters in an optical network can aid the segregation or identification of parts or paths within a network infrastructure. In addition, the use of keyed connectors can help to reduce the risk of accidental or malicious network access, particularly in shared access areas or in secure hierarchical environments such as government, military or research facilities.

secure keyed LC connector

  • Segregate Shared Access Networks

Within co-location and multi-client sites, keyed connectivity can be used to dedicate circuits to specific clients or services. Alternatively, the use of the color coding can be used to identify and segregate locations such as zones, halls, PODs and cages. Diverse routing paths can also be identified and managed with the use of color coded keyed connectivity.

  • Manage Secure Hierarchical Environments

It is common for government, security, defence or financial organizations to maintain networks with varying levels of security classification within shared facilities. The use of keyed LC connectors and adapters within the network infrastructure can help to maintain security and prevent unauthorised or accidental network access.

  • Maintain Network Security

Many networks contain highly sensitive or classified information including financial, personal and product development data while others contain details from applications such as digital video recording, security tags and biometrics. For these networks, maintaining the network integrity and security is of the highest importance. Use of differently keyed connectors and matching adapters helps prevent access to a channel and ensures the security of the application and information.

FS.COM Keyed LC Connection System Solutions
FS.COM keyed LC connection system includes keyed LC adapters, patch cables, adapter panels and cassettes. All these keyed LC components are available with 12 different keying options each carrying a different color to facilitate network administration. They are designed to respond to an urgent need for products that perform well for use in secure fiber networks and it is based on the best small form factor connector available in the market. It offers great performance and reliability and can be installed very efficiently in all areas of a fiber cabling infrastructure. For more information, please contact via

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