Development and Application Of Fiber Optic Transmission

Development and Application Of Fiber Optic Transmission

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Fiber Optic Transmission, namely to optical fiber as a medium for data and signal transmission. Optical fiber, not only can be used to transmit analog signals and digital signals, and can meet the needs of video transmission. Optical fiber transmission, generally use optical fiber cable of single optical fibre data transfer rate can reach several Gbps, in the case of does not use Repeaters, transmission distance can up to a few tens of kilometers.

Transmitting signals as pulses of light through a thinner than human hair strand of glass or plastic at data carrying capacity (bandwidth) far greater than possible with any other physical medium. Under the AT&T’s SONET standard data speeds of over 2.5 Gbps are common, whereas the maximum limit for a copper cable (without compression) is 16 Mbps. The attainable limit of fiber optic transmission is 2 trillion bits per second, enough to handle the amount of data handled by all US telecommunication companies put together. Fiber-optic uses less energy, is immune to static (electromagnetic interference), and is almost entirely secure from tempering or wire tapping.

Development and Application

Optical fiber communication technology applications is growing fast, since 1977 since the first commercial installation of fiber optic system, telephone companies start using optical fiber link, replacing the old system of copper wire. Today many of the telephone company, in their system comprehensively USES optical fiber as the main structure and as a city of long distance connection between the telephone system. Providers have begun to use/copper fiber axis hybrid circuit experiment. Allow the hybrid lines in the field of integration between optical fiber and coaxial cable, this is known as the location of the node, the offer will be the light of the light pulse is converted to electrical signal receiver, and then signal is transmitted through a coaxial cable to each family. As an appropriate means of communication signal transmission, optical fiber steadily instead of copper wire is obvious, the fiber optic cable across long distances between local phone systems as well as many network system to provide the main line connection.

Optical fiber is a kind of with glass as the waveguide, in the form of light to transfer information from one end to the other side of the technology. Today’s low loss optical fiber relative to the early development of transmission medium, almost without being limited by the bandwidth and has a unique advantage, point-to-point optical transmission system consists of three basic parts: produce optical transmitter, optical signal to carry light signal cable and optical receiver receive light signals.

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