Fiber Optic Communication PON & AON System will be Launched on Fiberstore

Fiber Optic Communication PON & AON System will be Launched on Fiberstore

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FiberStore is a China-based global online source that has been a worldwide professional supplier in selling fiber optic communication products, who is providing a vast range of connectivity solutions to the telecommunications, military, industrial, data storage, broadcast and networking industries, has always offered a high degree of flexibility with our online shopping platform and customization with our wide various partners.

As a cost-competitive fiber optic communication company with first-rate service.FiberStore’s fiber optical communication products are selling well. The optical communication product widely used in telecommunication systems, data communication system and the access network system. In 2013 we release two new products, they are PON & AON System, including EPON OLT/EPON ONU that covering FS-E130T EPON OLT, FS-E230T EPONOLT, FS-E030U EPON ONU, FS-E031U EPON ONU and so on and so forth.
EPON application supports DOCSIS protocol are based on DPoE OAM architecture. The DPoE OAM architecture can upgrade the CATV system to EPON network point-to-point. Simple operating and support automatic detection and configuration.

Beyond that, PON & AON System also provide a variety of functions. Including supporting vlans, ONU authentication, IGMP Snooping protocols, flow control, clock synchronization, rogue ONU detection and power instructions, etc. Take FS-E230T EPON OLT as an example.FS-E230T EPON OLT is a small scale office end OLT device of FTTx telecommunication level independently researched and developed by FIBERSTORE; it conforms to IEEE802.3-2005 standard; it can provide user with access to comprehensive services such as broadband, voice, IPTV and CATV. SFP standard Ethernet ports can be upgraded to PON networks, the wireless comes back and has a wide range of potential applications in FTTx.
FiberStore has spread their business to all kinds of products,from optical device, modular product to subsystem, including currently passive optical network (PON) that widely used in the enterprise network, were adopted by many telecommunication providers to provide images, voice and data services.

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