Fiber Optic Modem with High Speed is Important

Fiber Optic Modem with High Speed is Important

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Fiber optic modem provides electrical to optical conversion of electronic communication and data signals for transmission using tactical fiber optic cable assemblies. The fiber optic modems simultaneously receive incoming optical signals and convert them back to the original electronic signal allowing for full duplex transmission. Together with the tactical fiber optic cables, the FOM provides a rugged, secure, and easy deployable optical link.
Fiber optic modem is the new kid on the block as it joins cable, DSL, satellite and dialup in the battle for Internet access superiority. Although it’s not available in all areas, its higher speeds and reliability make it a major contender. Internet or network connections that require a fiber optic modem are more commonly used commercially rather than residentially. Not all Internet service providers offer a fiber optic option, so the first step to choosing a fiber optic modem is to make sure you actually need one. Most home Internet connections use copper wires and coaxial cables, though these may connect to fiber optic wiring at the curb. Check with your Internet provider to see what types of modems can work with your particular service.
Our fiber optic modem provides for the digital transmission of 1 Channel Duplex data, and data support RS232, RS422, RS485 to fiber converter. There are several types of fiber optic modem. Multimode or singlemode modems are available with standard ST/SC/FC optical connectors. Transmission distances vary and will depend on the type of signal being converted and the link budget between the modems. Fiber Optic Modem is a high-performance E1 fiber optic modem developed by using a dedicated integrated circuit. It is to modulate a framing or non framing.
FiberStore supply a range of Fiber optic data modem,such as RS-232/RS-485/RS-422 Fiber Optic Modem, multimode or singlemode fiber, transmission distance up to 2km (multimode) or up to 20km/40km/60km (single-mode).

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