Fiber Optic Network Enterprises Make Profits Again From FTTH Standard Configuration

Fiber Optic Network Enterprises Make Profits Again From FTTH Standard Configuration

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In early April, MOHURD(Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development) and MIIT(Ministry of Industry and Information) organized the formulation of housing and urban-rural development of the residential area and residential buildings FTTH(fiber-to-the-home) communication facilities engineering residential area and residential buildings fiber-to-the-home cable facilities and acceptance norms “officially two national standards implementation. The formal implementation of these two standards and policy safeguard measures, except to add fiber to the home cable of the requirement on the “mandatory norms” is made obvious progress. Domestic fiber as well as the future market demand increased, the fiber optic cable enterprise benefit again, greet opportunities at the same time also will face severe challenges when buying fiber optic cable.

Standard policy to promote “fiber to the home” implementation, fiber optic network is driven around the corner.

As fiber-to-the-home cable further implementation of the New Deal, fiber-optic broadband access has become a mainstream way, began used widely in broadband Internet applications. In the future, along with our country, FTTC FTTH system like FTTH Patch Cables and FTTH patch cord use various requirements of the construction of intelligent building, more and more indoor optical cable products will also be widely put into application. China securities, everbright securities research report predicts, along with the advancement of optical fiber broadband project, during the “twelfth five-year”, fiber optic broadband industry investment scale will remain an annual average of more than 30% of high-speed growth.

With the implementation of the fiber to the home cable , the optical fiber cable market will remain stable growth, to bear down on new opportunities.

The implementation of the standards of fiber-to-the-home cable, will break the monopoly, autonomy indirectly contributed to the optical fiber in our country the healthy development of the enterprise, gives users more choices, activate the fiber optic communication market competitiveness. A lot of problems but at the same time, fiber-to-the-home cable also subsequently and life, has aroused people’s concern.

Market survey, quality qualified optical fiber to the home cable of the failure rate is much lower than copper network, operational pressure is not big, but it must be based on “strict acceptance”. In the process of optical fiber to the home project acceptance, the acceptance standards efforts and acceptance is related to whether the policy is good to carry out the main measures, thus to improve the existing acceptance standard, promote fiber-to-the-home.

After the expansion of large area, we should also consider the sustainable development of the cable industry in the future, control product quality strictly. Market demand will cause the supplier both at home and abroad, how to grasp the opportunities need to face a series of challenges, so the optical fiber cable manufacturer shall be through product innovation, superb technology and after-sale service to compete in the market of hardware, and quality. Grasp the opportunities before huge challenge, how to seize more market opportunities worth every fiber optic cable enterprise thinking.

Fiber to the home” will be a long and orderly development process, is a relatively long-term planning. Enterprises should fully realize the long-term driving force for the development of the industry, and actively develop new products better suited to “fiber to the home”, to widen and lengthen industrial chain, so as to adapt to challenges brought about by the broadband, optical fiber to the home development of China, won the “fiber to the home” good period, more and more developing opportunities.


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