Fiber Patch Cables LC To LC And LC Fiber Optic Attenuator For Sale In Fiberstore

Fiber Patch Cables LC To LC And LC Fiber Optic Attenuator For Sale In Fiberstore

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Fiber Patch Cable also known as fiber jumper or fiber patch cord, which is a fiber optic cable terminated with fiber optic connectors on both ends.FiberStore.COM manufacture and supply standard and custom length 50/125, 62.5/125 and OEM equivalent mode conditioning fiber optic patch cords for 1000BASE-LX Gigabit Ethernet (1300nm long wavelength) applications. These cables are available with ST, SC, LC and MT-RJ connectors.

Mode conditioning fiber patch cables, also known as conditioned launch fiber cables, are used specifically in Gigabit Ethernet 1000BASE-LX (and 1000Base-LH) applications where the objective is deploying new high-speed 1000BASE-LX routers, switches, or transceivers within existing multimode system backbones. Mode conditioning fiber jumpers are used in the 1300nm or 1310nm optical wavelength window, and should not be used for 850nm short wavelength window such as 1000Base-SX. Also, any attempt to connect 1000Base-LX/LH equipment over short distances of multimode fiber without the use of mode conditioning fiber will result in a high bit error rate, and eventually damage to the device.

Fiberstore supply fiber patch cables lc to lc duplex multimode fiber optic patch cables, these cables are with typical 50/125 and 62.5/125 optional multimode fiber, the cable diameter is 2mm or 3mm.

LC fiber cable is with a small form factor (SFF) connector and is ideal for high density applications, which has a zirconia ceramic ferrule measuring 1.25mm O.D. with either a PC or APC end face, and provides optimum insertion and return loss. The LC fiber patch cable connector is used on small diameter mini-cordage (1.6mm/2.0mm) as well as 3.0mm cable. LC fiber cable connectors are available in cable assembled or one piece connectors. The LC fiber optic assembly’s family is Telcordia, ANSI/EIA/TIA and IEC compliant.

Fiberstore offer single mode and multimode optical fiber patch cable, fiber jumper, fiber patch cord with a variety of connector types such as st lc fiber patch cable and so on.

Fiber optic attenuator is used in the fiber optic communications to reduce the optical fiber power at a certain level, the most commonly used type is female to male plug type fiber optic attenuator, it has the fiber connector at one side and the other side is a female type fiber optic adapter, fiber optic attenuator name is based on the connector type and the attenuation level. The fiber optic attenuator is fit to use optical fiber jumper.

LC fiber optic attenuators are UPC and APC types, to fit for the according LC connectors. LC UPC fiber optic attenuator return loss is more than 55dB, LC APC fiber optic attenuator return loss is more than 65dB. Working range of the LC fiber attenuator is 1240nm to 1620nm, including the typical 1310nm and 1550nm single mode applications. They are constructed of the highest quality materials and every piece is tested during production. The lc fiber optic attenuator is used with fiber amplifier, DWDM and telecommunications equipment. We supply single mode LC/APC, LC/UPC fiber optic attenuators including the bulkhead (Flange type) LC attenuator and female to male LC fiber attenuator. Attenuation range available is from 1dB to 30dB.

You can buy the special requirements of optical fiber jumper. Fiberstore can interact with your original design as a manufacturing outsourcing partner or help you quickly achieve customized answer requirements of optical communication products.We often supply some other fiber optic products,welcome to look for fiber patch cables or fiber optic attenuator in Fiberstore.


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