Fiber Patch Panel And Fiber Optic Tool

Fiber Patch Panel And Fiber Optic Tool

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Fiber optics has been a key technical enabler of many photonics technologies. Fiberstore offers a wide range of fiber optics products, such as telecom and specialty optical fibers and patch cables, fiber optics components such as couplers, WDM (wavelength division multiplexer), switches, fiber collimators, and fiber optics tools. As the fiber optics technology rapidly advances, fiberstore
continuously introduce new products to meet today’s demanding requirements in laboratories and in the fields.

Fiber patch panel is an integrated unit for fiber optic cable management. By using one of these panels, the fibers can be spliced to individual fibers on other cables, allowing the cables to be crossed and connected in a variety of ways. In addition, the panel creates a safe environment in which to work with exposed fibers. They provide protection to the optical fiber and the components inside the closure body and linking to the outside equipment by the adapters installed on the fiber patch panels.

There are two main types of fiber-optic patch panels. One is a wall-mounted device, which, in its most basic form, can keep 12 different fibers separate from one another. If the fiber-optic cable has more than 12 fibers, the extra fibers can be moved to a second panel or an engineer can use a panel that is designed to hold more fibers separately. Wall-mounted panels can be constructed to hold up to 144 fibers at once.

The other type of fiber-optic patch panel is a rack-mounted panel. This type of panel holds the fibers horizontally and is often designed to open like a drawer. Sliding the panel open gives an optical engineer easy access to the fibers inside.

Typical type of our fiber patch panels are rack mounted, they are with optional different kinds of fiber optic adapters ports and pre-installed inner trays and accessoreis, optional pigtails with different types, common style is SC/FC/ST/LC, E2000 types can be custom made based on quantity.

Fiber optic tools are various types used in the fiber optic installation and maintenance works. There are splicing fiber optic tools, fiber cable slitter, test fiber optic tools and cleaning fiber optic tools.

Splicing fiber optic tool is used in the fiber optic splicing which is to melt the bare optical fiber together. Typical splicing fiber optic tools include fiber optic cleaver, fusion splice, fiber splice protection sleeves, heat oven etc.

Fiber cable slitter is an efficient and indispensable tool for fiber optic cable termination, it is usually designed allows jacket or shield slitting on non-fiber optic configurations as well. Typical fiber cable slitter include round cable slitter, longitudinal cable slitter and so on.

Test fiber optic tool is used to inspection the fiber optic equipment during the production or for trouble shooting. Typical test fiber optic tools include fiber optic power meter, phone tester, light sources, fault locator, optical identifier and optical time domain reflectometer.

Cleaning fiber optic tool is used to clean the dirt, oil, dust and other contaminants to maintain the fiber optic devices performance. Typical cleaning fiber optic tools include fiber optic cleaners for connectors and ferrules, alcohol and wipes, etc.

To make the work easier, there are fiber optic tool kits which put together a certain type of fiber optic tools into the kit and this could help the work easier. So before looking further, please ask yourself: what do I want to do using this tool kit?


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