Fiberstore cables: How to identify the color code of Fiber optic cable
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Fiberstore cables: How to identify the color code of Fiber optic cable

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There are so many types colored fiber optic cables, and these cable color can tell you which type cable you are dealing with. TIA-598C addresses the color code standards which we could adopt and reference:

Non-military Applications

Orange: OM1 62.5-Micron Multimode
Orange: OM2 50-Micron Multimode
Aqua: OM3 Laser-Optimized 50-Micron Multimode
Aqua/Violet*: OM4 Laser-Optimized 50-Micron Multimode. OM4 cable is not specified in the standard. Aqua is used for OM3/OM4 cable (and some higher-grade OM2 cable). Violet is used for OM4 cable in Europe and is becoming more common in North America.
Yellow: OS1/OS2 Single-mode
Blue: Polarization-maintaining (PM)Single-Mode
Black: Outdoor fiber


Military Applications

Slate: 62.5-Micron Multimode
Green: 100/140 Micron Multimode
Orange: OM2 50-Micron Multimode
Yellow: OS1/OS2 Single-mode
* OM3 OM4 & PM singlemode is Undefined.


Inner Cable Organizational Color Coding

Bare fiber are stranded in a loose tube cable. It is simple to recognize the cables and fast to complete the fiber link when you clearly know the color code.

Fiber Position Color and Tracer Sample
1 Blue  blue
2 Orange  orang
3 Green  green
4 Brown  Brown
5 Slate  salte
6 White  write
7 Red          white
8 Black  Black
9 Yellow  yellow
10 Violet  Violet
11 Rose  Rose
12 Aqua  Aqua
13 Blue/Black  Brown Black
14 Orange/Black  OrangeBlack
15 Green/Black  GreenBlack
16 Brown/Black  Brown Black
17 Slate/Black  SlateBlack
18 White/Black  White Black
19 Red/Black  Red Black
20 Black/White  Black Yellow
21 Yellow/Black  YellowBlack
22 Violet/Black  Violet Black
23 Rose/Black  Rose Black
24 Aqua/Black  aque Black


Connectors color code:

The advent of metallic connectors like the FC and ST made connector color coding difficult, so colored strain relief boots were often used. The connector strain relief and adapter housing should be identifiable by some color codes listed in TIA 568-C.3.

Fiber Type Connector Connector/Boot
OM1 62.5-Micron Beige/Black/Aqua Beige
OM2 50-Micron Beige/Black/Aqua Black
OM3 50-Micron Beige/Black/Aqua Aqua
Single-mode Blue Blue
Single-mode APC Green Green


The fiber connector/strain-relief boots are also color coded to indicate the polish style of the fiber endface:

Connector Boot Endface Fiber Type
Blue UPC Single-mode
Green APC Single-mode
Black UPC OM2 50-Micron
Grey/Beige UPC OM1 62.5 Micron
White UPC OM3 50-Micron

The boot colors may vary by manufacturer.

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