Fiberstore Communication: A New Generation of High-performance 10G Proudcts are Bright

Fiberstore Communication: A New Generation of High-performance 10G Proudcts are Bright

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FiberStore Co., Ltd with a strong will and persistent pursuit, in the optical communications industry, the vast and open gorgeous flowers, brilliant writing with the optical communications industry. New 2013 is already open, the better a new optical communications industry will also be open.

Very “combat effectiveness” of the R & D team

FiberStore is located in Shenzhen, China, near Hong Kong. We have an experienced team in terms of R & D and manufacturing of optical modules and devices in the field, its members both years accompanied by older employees to grow with the company, there are both optical module as senior research and development engineer in the development of the company to join the industry, product design and application experts, experts proficient in automated production technology and processes for optical modules.

Solid professional basis of the entire team, R & D capability prominent, and virbant, full of vitality, is a very “combat effectiveness” team. The main products of our FiberStore are fiber optic transceivers, with Fast to the Gigabit full range of products, including SFP +, SFP, XFP, XENPAK, X2, GBIC, QSFP+, CFP main push for the current product.

A new generation of high-performance 10G proudcts are bright

2012 Series 10G products upgrading the performance indicators have raised a new generation of products, to meet the index requirements of the optical transport network and Ethernet, and a certain degree of optimization in terms of power consumption, able towith a variety of communications equipment to build a stable, efficient and green next-generation communications networks. The new generation of products and efficient intergration of suppliers of raw materials to strengthen the strategic partership and the dominant supplier in the industry to form a virtual vertical intergration effect, shorten product delivery time, which can respond to urgent market orders; a new generation of products is also on theproduct firmware and automatic debugging and testing software platform optimized to develop a unified firmware and software interface specification, the firmware and software modular transplantation, shorten the product development cycle, and can respond quickly to market demand.

Focused on the research and development of high-speed optical modules and small equipment

2013 optical module market will rebound, but is expected to shipments in the first quarter will still be less than ideal, positioning the company to the path of sustainable development of R & D and product quality as the center of the road, you need to have a strong new product and high-quality customer base to enhance the company’s profit margins. The latter will focus on research and development of high-speed optical modules such as 40G and 100G optical modules will focus development efforts on small devices.

FiberStore confidence in the market and industry outlook for 2013, FiberStore will continue to improve own development, increase research and development and production inputs, and strive to become the first-class one of the suppliers of the device.

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