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The latest Netgear products – such as netgear SFP+ modules , netgear router has gone on sale, providing another option for customers seeking a complete, managed user experience.

Here I will introduce one kind of Netgear Router and Netgear module.

The Netgear MVBR1210C HSPA+ Mobile Broadband Voice Router, developed with Sierra Wireless, extends mobile voice service via its wired voice port.

As such, it allows mobile operators to deliver a compelling voice and data service offering to consumers by eliminating the need for fixed line voice service.

The router also delivers broadband access at speeds up to 21Mbps downstream and 5.7Mbps upstream – capabilities comparable to fixed broadband services.

It integrates a secondary Ethernet WAN to provide failover and back-up for network access, and for LAN connectivity, there are four Ethernet ports and high-speed N300 802.11n Wi-Fi.

The availability of the Netgear MVBR1210C represents “an important milestone” in extending mobile voice services into the home. The router fulfils the mobile industry’s long-envisioned conversion of voice services to principally mobile. This enables mobile operators to consolidate their voice service penetration by extending ‘mobile-to-mobile’ calling to home phones. According to IT analyst IDC, the global router marker saw 7.3 per cent quarter-on-quarter growth during Q4 2011.

The main netgear module i wiil tell you is the netgear AXM762 module, that is one of the hot products in the market. The negeat AXM762 tansceiver module is applicate 10ge ethernet, that is one of the netgear 10g modules. Adds 10 Gigabit Ethernet “long-reach” LC fiber connectivity to the standard SFP+ interfaces. Fits into the two built-in 10 GE SFP+ interfaces of GSM7328S-200 and GSM7352S-200. Fits into the 10 GE SFP+ interface of SFP+ Adaptor module AX743.



  • Provides hot-swappable installation or removal
  • Adds 10Gigabit Ethernet long-reach LC fiber connectivity to the standard SFP+ interfaces
  • Fits into the two built-in 10GE SFP+ interfaces of GSM7328S-200 and GSM7352S-200
  • 10GBaseLR fiber technology is the same for XFP and SFP+ : one Switch equipped with XFP 10GBase-LR LC connectivity can uplink to another Switch equipped with SFP+ 10GBase-LR LC connectivity using the same fiber
  • Fits into standard 10Gigabit SFP+ interfaces
  • Fits into the 10GE SFP+ interface of the SFP+ Adaptor module AX743
  • Drives 10Gigabit Ethernet up to 10km distances with 9/125m SMF single mode fiber cables
  • Drives 10Gigabit Ethernet up to 33m distances with 62.5/125m OM1 multimode fiber cables
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