Fiberstore Network Components Supplier

Fiberstore Network Components Supplier

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Fiberstore offers a full lifecycle of services to Store, Secure, Streamline and Systemize passive and active network components like Server racks, Network Racks, Power Distribution Unit, Cable Organizer, Cable Runways, Lab Racks, Lab Tables, Wall Mount Racks, Outdoor Fiber Distribution Box, Network Enclosures, Server Enclosures etc., as well as Technology Equipments in order to help simplify and optimize your space utilization, and enable your business to adapt quickly and dynamically to variable environments.

The Outdoor Distribution Boxes is typically used in buildings to splice incoming Outside Plant (OSP) fiber optical cables into customer premises cables. In certain situations, it is necessary to mount this box on the exterior of a building or a telecommunication pole. The Fiber Distribution Box needs to be easily accessible and managable in size. If necessary, the box can be locked to keep the splices secure.

1. Designed for 4 pair STB module.
2. The box and module upgrade overhead lines with a fully watertight connection technology.
3. The box and cover are hinged together. It is easily removable to facilitate operation in harsh conditions. The cable grommets for wire entry and exit may be adjusted to conductor size.

Each enclosure has integrated strength member tie positions and bend radius protection with the addition of a removable front cover allowing for quick and easy installation. STB module is the mostly widely used IDC module and ideal connectivity products. It adopts IDC ( Insulation Displacement Connection ) technical.

Wall-Mount Racks keep computers and networking equipment safe and off the floor when space is limited. Plus, our locking models ensure sensitive equipment is protected from damage or theft. When you don’t need a full server rack or cabinet, consider a wall mount rack or wall mount cabinet. Enclosed or open, network cabinets wall mounted are a versatile choice conserving space and money. Our wall mount racks come in dozens of sizes, heights, depths and models. Select a wall mount rack or cabinet for your server room, tight closet, over-the-desk, classroom environment, supervisor area or warehouse. Anywhere you place it, a wall mount rack or cabinet is hard to beat!

We’re the FIRST to offer a 30”d fully enclosed, locking, wall mount rack for the longer servers such as Dell, Compaq, HP, etc. that need at least 30” of depth. These wall mount cabinets are ideal for cable and small LAN installations. Our wall mount enclosures come standard with a tempered glass door which can be easily mounted on either the left or right hand side. Wall Mount server cabinets are made from high quality steel and are ideal for small office and home use. Choose from the largest selection of Wall-Mount Rack Enclosure Cabinets in the industry!

The Swift-F1 fusion splicer is designed for fusion splice on connectors. Swift-F1 systematically performs five functions of automatic thermal fiber stripping, cleaning, cleaving, fusion splicing, and sleeving in one unit. Single All-in-one Device (strips, cleans, cleaves, splices and heat sleeves). Operation time is around 60 seconds for a start to finish splice using one of Ilsentech’s splice on connectors. Cracking fiber does not happen when using the built in heat stripper with more than 3.5kgf. Very user friendly, from beginners to pros.

You don’t have to carry the fiber cleaver, thermal stripper and fiber cleaner separately. The High Precision Fiber Cleaver, Automatic Thermal Fiber Stripper, Fiber Cleaner and Heat Shrink Oven are all conveniently mounted on top of the Swift-F1 splicer, this design drastically reduces splicing time.


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