Fiberstore Optimistic About The Future of Optical Communications Market

Fiberstore Optimistic About The Future of Optical Communications Market

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In the field of fiber optic communication industry marketing consulting, FiberStore as a rising star, given the forecast is always to be optimistic than others. Now, shouted the slogan but also winter in China some of the veterans of the optical device manufacturers, FiberStore said yesterday that the earliest the second half of the year, most likely next year, the fiber optic communication industry usher in a new round of boom. Their reason is that AT & A and Deustche Telekom announdced last year that the next three years will be an annual increase of 10% to 15% of investment, and other carriers are likely to follow up.

First, China’s three major operators in the world’s largest 15 operators market share increased from 17% in 2007 to 27% now. Share of the three major U.S.operators during the same period from 28% down to 24%. This rise and that drop, the growing importance of the Chinese market. But China’s economy can not maintain past growth rate of 9% to 10% target for 2013 is now 7.5%. Nevertheless, the growth of China’s telecom industry outlook remains bullish.

For example, China Telecom has 75 million 3G users, but all mobile users a little more than 10%. In FTTH fiber optic cable, FTTH network operators in China to cover the world’s first, but the average speed is much lowe than the level of the United States, not to mention Japan and South Korea. Based on this, China’s economic slowdown will not be significant impact on the global telecommunications market.

Second, AT & T and Deutsche Telekom said that operators do exist in the past few years the problem of insufficient network investments. If you take into account the price war in the field of equipment manufacturers, operators of commercial lower prices for better fiber optic products and technology is very possible, which will stimulate investment in equipment operators.

Third, FiberStore predict a major starting point is the relationship between the growth of Internet traffic and network bandwidth growth. Based on the network bandwidth will continue in the next few years to more than 30% of the rate of growth, their model shows that the growth of bandwidth on the growth of the market as a whole is very obvious. For example, in 2014 the network bandwidth from 33% to 40% of the change in optical devices to improve the sales growth forecast from 15% to 55%. Development of IP video from the United States, or from CES2013 new broadband standards, the emergence of a new terminal products, the future growth of the network bandwidth and Internet traffic are still can be expected. In FiberStore opinion, this is the fundamental reason for the optical communications market continue to be optimistic.

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