Fiberstore’s Plenum(OFNP) Fiber Cables - a Low Cost Option for Your Network Deployments

Fiberstore’s Plenum(OFNP) Fiber Cables – a Low Cost Option for Your Network Deployments

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According to NEC(National Electrical Code), there are three types of sections of a building’s inside area: plenums, risers and general purpose areas. As the higher and higher demands of the building network safety, types of fiber cables are not limited to the general types. Nowadays, some particular materials are used in the jackets of the fiber cables which can adapt to more applications, such as the sections above. Today, we are mainly taking about the plenums and its required cables in this paper while Fiberstore recently launched its new plenum(OFNP) fiber cables.

What is Plenum Space?
Plenum is an air-handling, air flowing and air distribution system space which is usually at greater than atmospheric pressure. In a building, plenum always refers to the space above a drop ceiling or under a raised floor which is used as the air return (source of air) for the air conditioning and typically used to wire the communication cables for the building’s computer and telephone network. However, the plenum is also a potential safety hazard. As the plenum spaces are full of fresh oxygen, fire can quickly spread into the plenum space. In addition, when cables were burning, they would give off toxic fumes and the fumes would be fed to the rest of the building by the air conditioner.
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What is Plenum(OFNP) Fiber Cable & Why we need it?
Due to the potential safety hazard of the plenum spaces, people put forward many solutions. The plenum(OFNP) fiber cable is one of the achievements. OFNP stands for Optical Fiber Non-conductive Plenum. Plenum(OFNP) fiber cables is one of the highest levels which complies with the UL(Underwriters Laboratories) fire safety test. As we known, plastic cables burn quickly and give off toxic fumes and the black smoke. What is worse, they can spread the fire to the other parts of building once they catch fire. In order to protect the fires and keep more safety, any cables installed in a plenum space must be plenum rated. Because plenum cables are routed through air circulation spaces, which contain very few fire barriers by being coated in flame-retardant, low smoke materials.

How to Buy Plenum(OFNP) Fiber Cable with A Low Cost?
Although the NEC may allow non-plenum cable, Fire Marshall of many countries require their local building to use plenum cables in the network deployments of the plenum space. As the particular materials of the plenum(OFNP) fiber cable, cost of it may more expensive than the plastic one. It is not universally used in many developing countries. wanna a low cost safe cabling item of your plenum space, Fiberstore is your best choice! Fiberstore offers the plenum(OFNP) fiber cables with 1m to 30m long and all kinds of connectors and even the custom service for your special requires. All of our plenum(OFNP) fiber cables are up to the UL standard which promise you a highly quality.

Fiberstore's Plenum(OFNP) Fiber Cables

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