Five Attractive Points of Google Fiber Optic Network

Five Attractive Points of Google Fiber Optic Network

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The CNN website list out the Google fiber optic network broadband service five most attractive place. Last week, Google gigabit optical fiber broadband services entered and be stationed in Austin, Texas, for the average American family, which draws attention again.

1, Buffer become a history

Buffer is almost pain for Internet users around the world, how many times when you are watching YouTube video, there still need to be waiting for? In Google, at the top of a demonstration, can through Google fiber optic broadband, open five YouTube to watch high definition video at the same time. Obviously, we can say goodbye to buffering video.

2, Moderate price

If you don’t like the fiber optic transmission service, after $300 one-time installation payment, Google will also provide free broadband services (speed for 5 MBPS) for seven years . If you pay $60 for a month for a broadband at home now, the total is $720 a year, more than $5000 in seven years, Google helps you save money for about $4700 at least.

3, Promote the market competition

When Google announced the launch of gigabit optical fiber broadband, many observers believe that Google may be hoping to use this service “humiliation” telecom operators, stimulate their broadband service quality of ascension. But Google’s action to prove, it is not that simple, but hope as normal business operations. Obviously, in each market, the existing telecom operators will focus on Google’s moving.

4, The purposes of family health care

When Google announced fiber project in Kansas city, announced its cooperation with the university of Kansas medical center, under the development of gigabit broadband medical applications. You can imagine the future, you can use super broadband communication with your doctor on the screen. For another doctor industry usage, which is can be super cables management sharing big files, such as the high definition medical image, etc.

5, Education purpose

According to the federal communications commission’s investigation, students with broadband, graduation rate was 7% higher than no broadband. Google’s basis fiber  optic network service, can let low-income households with broadband Internet access for the first time. Research shows that have broadband in the home, students can improving learning through the Internet, watch less TV. In addition, American universities are also trying to online courses plan. There is no doubt that Google fiber will make online courses more fluent and popularization.

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