Five Key Techniques of Optical Fiber Laser Cutter

Five Key Techniques of Optical Fiber Laser Cutter

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All-fiber laser is the best way to practical application and industrialization, is currently the only one way to the commercialization and industrialization. The development involves all fiber laser double clad fiber and cladding pumping coupling, fiber Bragg grating, high-power multimode pumping semiconductor laser and fiber laser machine.

1.Special optical fiber technology of optical fiber laser cutter

All-fiber laser need to use double clad fiber laser and double cladding photosensitive fiber, energyfiber optic transmission and other specialty optical fiber. With the constant improvement of the output power, the special optical fiber technical requirements are also higher and higher, therefore, the development of special optical fiber will play an important role in the development of fiber laser. Represented by photonic crystal fiber is a new generation of special optical fiber.

Special optical fiber’s development, will lead to higher gain. The more effective absorption of the pump; Would make it easier for the grating fabrication, raster stability and make the grating in the fiber laser USES more widely; which will lead to higher energy fiber optic transmission distance far to high power laser transmission, and the wavelength range is expanding; will make the pump coupling is more easier to implement, can withstand the higher pump power less loss, and so on.

2.Fiber optic cutter of cladding pump technology

All-fiber laser cladding pump coupling technique is to determine the performance of fiber lasers and level has the inestimable function. Used in high power fiber optic cutter, the coupling efficiency must be well, the loss must be small, inherit the power must be large, and the input light as much as possible. Under the limit condition of so many requirements, make quality pump coupler and power synthesis device of high difficulty, however, the implementation methods are varied, it is a technology which is more challenging.

From the developing trend of high power fiber laser, try not to impact and damage of double cladding fiber core, because only in this way can not affect signal laser generation and fiber optic transmission of the realization of cascade pump, large power output. This paper argues that the development of fiber core affect the smallest pump coupling technology. Devices for optical power synthesis, improving the synthesis of optical power continuously.

3.Optical fiber grating of fiber optic cutter

Fiber Bragg grating in the fiber laser, the reflected signals in the fiber core is the action of laser cavity formation, however, with the further development of the fiber laser technology, optical fiber grating in the optical fiber laser will have new usage, the manufacture technology of fiber grating is put forward new challenges, one of the notable direction, is on the large core multimode fiber production high quality fiber grating.

4.Fiber optic cutter semiconductor pump laser technology

Semiconductor pump laser is the key to the fiber laser device, the reliability and life of the fiber laser is crucial, and production costs, so developing a single wide semiconductor light-emitting warden life has become a fiber laser with pump laser of semiconductor pump laser is a trend.

5.Fiber optic cutter laser machine technology

All-fiber laser optic cutter design and manufacture of the knowledge involved, especially in the development history of the new type of high power fiber laser all are fairly brief today, there are a lot of groundbreaking work need to be done. At present all over the world, for fiber optic cutter manufacturer in design and production of innovation, which have a large inputs.


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