FTTH(Fiber To The Home) optical fiber upstart: POF(Plastic optical fiber)

FTTH(Fiber To The Home) optical fiber upstart: POF(Plastic optical fiber)

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Cost in the short distance communication transmission is quite the same as symmetrical cable for Plastic optical fiber (POF). In the 100 – meter range transmission bandwidth can be up to high GHz, transmission bandwidth has easy connection, good flexible, easy bending and other advantages, while the performance of the system is still in its early stage, but it is the role of the short distance communication in the future can not be ignored, the advantages of price and performance, FTTH fiber optic cable(Fiber To The Home) has bright prospects.

Plastic optical fiber as an ideal transfer medium for short distance communication network, in the intelligent household, office automation, industrial control network in the future, vehicle-mounted, airborne communications network, military communication network data transmission plays an important role.

Nowadays, POF are widely used in the manufacturing industry, too. By optical transceiver,
POF can be linked together with RS232 and RS422, 100 MBPS Ethernet, etc. Thus in harsh industrial environments to provide stable and reliable communication lines. POF can avoid affected by electromagnetic interference caused by using metal cable line transmission interruption risk, too.

POF is light and durable, By means of linking on-board computer communication with operating system, network and form a network control system, micro computer, passengers can also enjoy music, movies, video games, shopping, Internet, etc through the plastic optical fiber cable.

Compared with other transmission mediums, POF network in the local area network (LAN) system has obvious advantages: POF is not sensitive to electromagnetic interference, radiation occur, attenuation constant under different data rate. Its size is longer, can reduce the requirement of tolerance in the design of joint control, so the network is cost saving.

In military communications, POF are being developed for high-speed transmission of the confidential information. Take good use of POFs light weight, good flexible, quick connect, and can be inserted into the communication network to download, key task information storage, sending, receiving, and display in the helmet mounted display.

With advanced POF manufacturing technology and materials preparation technology, the POF will continually reduce cost of production, From the current development situation of laser, optoelectronic integrated device, connector, domestic and international relevant technological progress, with the expansion of the scale of production, trust to send and receive device costs will be reduced greatly, make POF in access to communication.

Today’s technology development is an urgent need to large capacity optical fiber materials.

Plastic optical fiber has a large core diameter, texture is soft, easy connection, light quality, cheap price. And the advantages of large transmission bandwidth, system hook in broadband, home intelligent network system, data transmission systems, intelligent systems, industrial control systems and textile, lighting, etc. The application of solar energy utilization system market has huge potential. In addition, some cities have proposed to upgrade Chinese telecommunication networks, to speed up the pace of optical fiber to the home fiber cable.

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