Good News - Fiberstore's Boss Day Crazy Sale (Oct.15th - 18th)

Good News – Fiberstore’s Boss Day Crazy Sale (Oct.15th – 18th)

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Do you work in optical communication industry? Are you still racking your brains to show your Boss how much you appreciate them? Presents is outdated! Saving cost for Boss trumps all.

Are you a boss of an optical communication company? Do you still worry about your fiber optic products budget? To prepare full inventory of fiber optic products for your items in a sale day, give yourself a good present by saving more!

How to save more? Don’t forget Boss’s Day is Thursday, October 16th! Fiberstore bring big and crazy discounts for all fiber optic products of our total station! This sale promotion will start from Oct.15th to Oct.18th. What are you waiting for? Coming soon to Fiberstore and have a happy shopping experience!

Fiberstore offers nine major products lines, a wide variety of products even the custom products to satisfy your network solutions. And now, a very surprise discount is approaching while each product at least saves up to 30%.


Do you still hesitate to buy because there is no purchase plan for the moment or don’t know how to go about selecting good fiber optic products among them? In the Boss Day sale, Fiberstore highly recommend the following products for you. Limited quantity, limited time offer!

GLC-LH-SMD 1000BASE-LX/LH SFP 1310nm 10km EXT DDM Transceiver  SFP-1G31-10DA-CO  $ 30.00
Now $ 19.10
If you are a Cisco users, you must be surprised by the price. Yes, that’s right, this Cisco compatible SFP is now only sold $19.10 per one! The same quality with the Cisco original and lifetime warranty, let you rest assured to buy!


In addition, GLC-SX-MMD, GLC-ZX-SMD, GLC-EX-SMD compatible SFP are all the hot-sale products in Fiberstore as the GLC-LH-MM, GLC-SX-MM and GLC-ZX-SM compatible SFP have been stopped to produce.

Single-mode 9/125µm Multi-Core Tight Buffered LSZH Bunch Distribution Indoor Cable-GJFJV At least $ 0.50 per meter
Now $ 0.35 per meter
In addition to the surprise price, for this product, we can offer custom service. Such as lenth, diameter,colour and the connectors, you can customize unique cables for your special use with such low price.


12 Fibers Single Mode 12 Strands MTP Harness Cable 3.0 mm LSZH  $ 105.00
Now $ 73.60
YES, only needs $ 73.60 now! Also can be customized!


Brand New ST330 (ADSL /ADSL2+) xDSL Tester  $ 990.00
Now $ 693.33
ST330 xDSL Tester is designed for present all kinds of xDSL line including ADSL, ADSL2, ADSL2+, READSL. It not only can test xDSL physical layer parameter and also can help you to confirm whether your line is proper to provide xDSL service. What a good tester for your network!

xdsl- tester1

8 Channel Video to Fiber SM FC 20km Optical Video Multiplexer  $ 125.00
Now $ 86.67
Fiberstore’s video multiplexer can help you to build a cost effective network system with best process control and quality assurance. You can also buy the 1, 2, 4, 16, 24 or 32 channels video multiplexer according to your demands.


After reading above, are you ready to start your shopping trip in Fiberstore? Come to visit our website or contact our service soon!

About Fiberstore:
Fiberstore is a professional manufacturer and supplier of optical networking solutions. We can supply all kinds of fiber optic products including passive optical network, or PON, subsystems, optical transceivers used in the enterprise, access, and metropolitan segments of the market, as well as other optical components, modules, and subsystems. In addition, according to your requirements, we welcome any inquiry for customized products. Fiberstore’s aim is offering the best quality products and perfect solutions, saving customers’s time and money, making customers enjoy personalization.

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