GPON Speed Up In China To Replace EPON

GPON Speed Up In China To Replace EPON

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According to optical fiber industry survey, at the beginning of 2011 ~ 2013, GPON fiber optic transceivers module such as SFP transceivers, CWDM SFP transceivers,DWDM SFP transceivers and so on and so forth, which increased by the $11, fell to about $7 for quotation at present, a drop of 35%, the relative EPON quotation to see bones, has fallen beyond compare, GPON product price decline striking. Industry to estimate, this year China purchasing will be very positive in GPON, and in the national policy guidance, improve the bandwidth will be built to replace EPON with GPON.

Due to smartphone, tablet, or even IPTV Internet TV set-top boxes, will provide more and more audio and video data. For telecom operators, cable operators was 10 ~ 50 MBPS speed broadband,which is a shortage, therefore, no amortization of depreciation pressure of telecom operators in the Asia-Pacific region, will also directly are Gbps level above the GPON, let the future GPON fiber optic network access.

In addition to fiber optic communication industry in mainland China can provide GPON chip. In the United States and Japan the shares are higher.

Indirect orders received the mainland system, industry evaluation, fiber optic network telecommunications equipment factory in March this year of GPON Huawei procurement, have gradually warming, is expected by the first quarter of cautious wait-and-see attitude, into the second quarter of optimism.

Due to the high speed railway, optical fiber is a national state policy, therefore is expected that China mobile (HK), telecom operators, will not reduce investment in the fiber optic communication.

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