Handheld Optical Multi Meter and Its Precautions

Handheld Optical Multi Meter and Its Precautions

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In one of my former blog, I have make the brief introduction of the Optical Multimeter, which including its definition, application and some technique specifications. And today we are going to talk about this product, but mainly focus on one type of the handheld optical multi meter and its precautions.

JW3207 Handheld Optical Multi MeterIt is the JW3207 Handheld Optical Multi Meter which I would like to recommend today. It integrates the functions of an intelligent optical power meter module and of a highly stable light source module in one unit which can perform closed-loop tests by incorporating both modules. Individual regimes of operation can also be manually chosen using menu operation to switch functions. A perfect combination to make your optical fiber tests a lot more convenient. And it also features the following: a. Includes all the outstanding functions of handheld intelligent power meter (JW3206). b. Includes all the outstanding functions of handheld stable light source (JW3108). c. Switching of the power meter function and that of the light source by menu operation. d. Different light sources and power meters can be built into JW3207. The model JW3207A is with “-70~+6dBm” measurement range, while JW3207B with “-50~+25dBm” measurement range. Their Calibrated wavelengths of the power meter are all are 850, 980, 1300, 1310, 1490, 1550nm, with 0.01dB resolution. For their light source, the wavelength can be optional from 800/1300/1310/1550nm and so on, output stability all to be ±0.05dB/15mins or ±0.1dB/ 8hours, and with 270Hz, 1KHz, 2KHz modulation frequencies.

For the maintenance of JW3207 Handheld Optical Multi Meter, these in the following are the precautions: a. For any other fault, please immediately contact our sales representative, don’t open the cabinet of the device to repair it by yourself. We will not repair any products that have been disassembled by user himself. b. If the tester are going to be free for a long time, please cover the dust-proof cap immediately to keep the end clean, and don’t expose it in air for long time to prevent dust from gathering which could polluting the output end. c. When it is running, please don’t watch the output port with eyes, the laser will hurt your eyes. d. After the device has worked for some time, the dirt or dust may gather at output end reducing output optical power. When confront this situation, you can gently wipe the surface using cotton swab dipped with alcohol, then remove the contaminants with fiber optic swab. If end still look dirty after doing so, please contact us. We FiberStore.com welcome any of you to contact us if you have any questions or requirement.

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