Handheld optical variable attenuator instruments

Handheld optical variable attenuator instruments

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Fiberstore lauched our handheld optical variable attenuator which is used in fiber link certification, routine maintenance and in lab environments. The attenuator can be used in digital system communication devices such as PHD and SDH and also in analog modulation CATV systems.

Our handheld optical variable attenuator is used with single-mode fiber for continuously variable optical signal attenuation. It combines the functionality of both an attenuator and an optical power meter and allows users to set the output power level directly thus improving the overall testing efficiency. It works with typical 9/125 single mode fibers and offers FC and PC interchangeable connectors for selection.

This handheld optical variable attenuator belongs to Fiberstore family of Fiber Optical Instruments. Featured products in this line include Handheld Optical Power Multi Meter which conducts absolute and relative power tests, optical loss tests for fiber optic cable and passive optical devices, Handheld Laser Source which is an ideal instrument for optical network installation, trouble shooting and maintenance in fiber optic systems and Multi-Function Optical Talk Sets which can carry out full-duplex communication with a high quality connection over an exceptional communication distance.

Our FS-3301 handhold optical variable attenuator is used for continuously variable optical signal attenuation. As the attenuator is used in the laser system for the on-line testing, there, therefore RY-VA3301 can be used in the digital system of communication devices (such as: PHD, SDH) and also in the system of adopting analog modulation (CATV).

Stepwise attenuating by circumgyrated dial: attenuating step 0.05dB
Provide with the function of displaying dB and dBm attenuating value
Alternative function of 10 minutes Auto-off without operation
After off the instruments, the system will have the memorizing of the attenuating value and the attenuating step, in order to restore the system back to the previous shut down state when open the instruments next time.

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