High Quality Handheld Optical Multi Meter ST801

High Quality Handheld Optical Multi Meter ST801

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Last time we have talked about the JW3204 handheld optical multi meter, and today we are going to introduce you a optical multi meter which belongs to a different category, and which also with high quality and good price. It is the ST801 Optical Multi Meter, it is the one combining functions of laser source and optical power meter. It can realize the absolute & relative power test and optical loss test. It can be widely operated to for projects of optical telecommunication, CATV system, lab project development, etc.

ST801 Optical Power Multi MeterHere blow let’s come to its main function and key features. Its main function includes: As laser source and optical power meter, absolute and relative power test, single end for dual wavelength output, free switch from 1310 nm and 1550 nm, optical loss test, under voltage indication, auto power off in 10 minutes, auto backlight off in 60 seconds, USB communication, with real-time clock function, can real-time display the current time, provide recording time for data storage, test record storage, up to 200 groups. It key features owns: Multi wavelengths precise measurement, big LCD displaying, and have the real clock, multi adapters (FC, SC, ST, LC), absolute power measurement dBm or µW, relative power measurement dB, loop test and auto bi-directional test, low voltage warning, automatic power off and energy-save design, high contrast backlit display, small size, simple operation. This optical multi meter can be applied in the following aspects: A. Installation, maintenance, or troubleshooting of the optical networks. B. Measurement of optical passive components and devices.

All in all, optical multimeter is also called optical loss test set. Because it incorporates an optical laser source and an optical power meter into one handheld instrument, which makes it easy for measurements of the optical loss of optical fiber links, optical components, and fiber networks. Welcome to visit our website to find the satisfied handheld optical multi meter.

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