How Does Fiberstore Guarantee the High Compatibility of Its Transceivers?
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How Does Fiberstore Guarantee the High Compatibility of Its Transceivers?

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Nowadays, more and more users tend to use the third-party compatible transceivers to save costs. When choosing the compatible transceiver modules, the most primary concern of them is the high compatibility of the transceivers. Because high compatible with all kinds of brands is not easy to achieve since there is “encryption” into some switches. But Fiberstore can do it. At present, Fiberstore offers a comprehensive brands compatible solution of the transceivers which can meet the demands for Cisco, HP, Juniper, NETGEAR, Brocade etc., device users. So, how does Fiberstore guarantee its transceiver modules with high compatibility?

First, we make a brief introduction to the compatible transceiver markets. As we know, all manufacturers should follow the MSA (Multi-Source Agreement) to ensure that devices are compatible with multiple vendors. It means that the specification for the interface and electrical operation were standardised between vendors. Thus, compatible transceivers are reliable and viable. In addition, with the low-cost benefits, the compatible transceivers are more and more popular in the market.

As its name suggests, compatible transceiver should be compatible with the original-brand switch. Though there is MSA standing behind them, it still not sure that the compatible transceiver can be fully compatible with the original-brand switch. Why? As mentioned at the beginning, some vendors incorporate encryption into their equipment. This results in a warning message if a third-party (non-vendor) module is plugged into a port. The warning message is an error similar to the following:

un-supported error

When this error emerges, it means that your switch is configured by default not to work with the non-vendor modules. In other words, you buy an useless transceiver module though it does not cost you much. “Encryption” paved the way for excessively priced, vendor branded transceivers. Because you can only choose the vendor branded transceivers since it required the transceivers to be coded for the device to verify them.

At present, many transceiver suppliers have determined how to generate and program certain parts with proper codes. However, only a few of them can really achieve high compatible performance. So, how does Fiberstore guarantee the high compatibility of its transceivers?

As the advanced manufacturer and supplier of compatible optical transceiver modules, Fiberstore always specialized in compatibility breakthrough. In the past few years, Fiberstore’s R&D team has made a variety of compatible technical breakthrough, improving the transceiver ability to be compatible with many major brands.

Furthermore, Fiberstore truly understand the value of compatibility and interoperability. In order to ensure high compatibility with each major brand, each transceiver module is tested in original-brand switches in the professional test center which eliminates the issues of compatibility. The following pictures show the transceiver test in the switch (Fiberstore 10GBASE-SR SFP+ tested in Cisco Nexus 9396PX).

plug the sfp+ into the cisco 9396PXsfp-10g85-3m-1-co-(3)


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