How Much Do You Know About Optical Fiber Connector

How Much Do You Know About Optical Fiber Connector

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We all known that fiber cable was connected by optical fiber connectors and fiber  adapters. There are many kinds of optical fiber connectors, each other is not universal. What we familiar are FC, SC, ST, LC, MTRJ and so on and so forth. People not often get in touch with fiber cable may assume that GBIC and SFP module of optical fiber connector is the same mistakenly. But it is not. SFP optical fiber module was connected by LC, the GBIC was connected by SC fiber optic fiber optic connectors. Here we will make some description for several common use optical fiber connector for detailed instructions:

1.FC optical fiber connector:
External strengthening way is to use metal sleeve. General apply in telecom network ODF side, there is a nut to the optical fiber adapter, the advantage is strong, prevent dust, defect is that setup time is a bit long.

2.SC optical fiber connector:
Fiber connector connects GBIC fiber module, its shell is rectangular, fastening way is to use the plug pin bolt, not rotate. Directly plug, it’s very convenient, the defect is easy to fall out.

3.ST optical fiber connector:
Commonly used in fiber optic distribution frame(ODF), shell assumes the circular, fastening way is the turnbuckle. Insert a bayonet fixed rotation and a half weeks after, the defect is easy to break (for 10Base-F connector is usually ST type. Often used in optical fiber distribution frame)

4.LC optical fiber connector:
Connect SFP module connector, it is applied to the modular jack (RJ) latch mechanism that easy to operate. Router is commonly used.

Transceiver integrated square optical fiber connector, a dual fiber transceiver which consists of two high precision plastic injection of connectors and cables. External connector for precision plastic parts, including push-pull type plug card lock mechanism. Suitable for indoor application in telecommunications and data network system.


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