How The Operators Respond to Fiber To The Home Operations After Work

How The Operators Respond to Fiber To The Home Operations After Work

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As operators Fiber-To-The-Home(FTTH) businesses enter the stage of large scale development, the operational problems began to highlight, mainly reflected in the following respects:

ONU loads bearing business, need to link equipment management with business management.

ONU equipment presented to the user is responsible for loading all of the broadband business, such as high speed Internet, phone, IPTV, home storage, etc., and at the same time the business is in open and unsubscribe dynamic, changes in the business needs a timely manner to the device configuration changes.

Terminal equipment is complex, high requirements for personnel. Compare with fiber tester ADSL tester access based on telephone line currently include the use of Modem (Modem), fiber-to-the-home terminal after the ONU function more complex, need to configure the parameters is more complex, not only has an internal logical relationship with many configuration, the configuration of the order and process also have requirements.

Fiber optic fault occurs, it is hard to troubleshoot. Due to the passive optical network for all the equipment, and using of point to multipoint topology structure, lack of economic effective means of fault diagnosis, difficult to find out the accurate positioning, huge amounts of fiber optic terminator connector also make troubleshooting more difficult.

In response to these challenges, operators need to through the adoption of new technologies, to deploy new systems, set up new process methods, such as building a new generation of operational system, in order to adapt to the development of optical fiber broadband network technology and business. Mainly in the following aspects:

1.Using the dual mode management structure, flexible configuration

In a DSL broadband access system, operators only through the element management system(EMS) to do end equipment parameter configuration, status monitoring and alarm management. On the one hand is the Modem equipment is simple, management control demand is small; On the other hand is the EMS system itself doesn’t suit to vast amounts of terminal. After fiber-to-the-home ONU has not only the parameters of the complex configuration, also carries a variety of business.

In the face of such situation, the main operational solutions is to increase a set of remote management system(RMS) outside the EMS, form a dual mode management architecture. Among them, the EMS system is mainly responsible for ONU equipment of light link layer 2 switching function and configuration management, ensure that the underlying the establishment of the communications link, this part of the function of the configuration is relatively stable. The RMS system is responsible for more than three layers of function configuration, as well as the VoIP, IPTV, storage and other business related functions of configuration, the RMS system supports the management of massive amounts of equipment, and has good scalability, easy to add support for new business.

2. Integrated optical fiber online diagnostic capacity, improve the troubleshooting capabilities

After putting down Huge amounts of fiber to the home terminal to its working status monitoring and malfunction after processing, enhancing the user experience, improving customer satisfaction, reducing customer complaint is very important.

The state of ONU equipment monitoring in addition to routine equipment condition monitoring, also including peculiar to optical fiber access network equipment, monitoring the status of the optical module. The ONU equipment optical module universal support of received optical power, send a light power, the power supply voltage, bias current and parameters such as temperature measurement, and in the equipment standard reported methods, these parameters are provided in the supporting configuration warning, in the parameter when beyond a certain indicators to send alarm information, give some tips for troubleshooting operations staff.

3. Business docking system and equipment management system, realize the business opened and distributed automatically

The other benefit of RMA system is enable to dock with the other business operator system, realize the business issued automatically. When the customers using FTTH, the process for operating internal business is complicated, which is involving the resource management system, service system, business system, such as AAA authentication system between multiple systems of interaction and cooperation.

At the same time, the opening business type is different, the efficiency is low. And use the RMS system, the whole process can realize fully automated business opened, do zero contact operations staff. Abroad operator’s case, there have been many operators via remote management implements the self-help by the user to achieve the opening of the broadband business, greatly reduce the operational cost of operators.

Intelligent ODN (fiber distribution network) for fiber optic infrastructure for precise control

In addition to a large number of ONU equipment, fiber-to-the-home fiber optic cable also brought a huge optical distribution network (ODN), which contains huge amounts of fiber and consecutive nodes. In a typical room, the fiber number could reach 15000. So many optical fibers, they are bulk fiber cables, difficult to identify the connection relations, network connection situation is easy to make mistake when in manual entry; In the event of a failure, troubleshooting, and subsequent treatment often requires several hours.

The emergence of intelligent ODN can not change the ODN under the premise of passive network characteristics, for the network to increase certain intelligence features, so as to realize the recognition of optical fiber connection and collection, port management, port status search instructions, and other functions. Based on intelligent ODN, can greatly improve the efficiency.


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