How To Distinguish Optical Fiber Adapter And Optical Fiber Connector

How To Distinguish Optical Fiber Adapter And Optical Fiber Connector

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There’re so many people misunderstanding for the differences between the optical fiber adapter and optical fiber connector. They often think that adapter connector is often points not clear. Now I will take this platform to share with you the fiber optic adapter and the difference between optical fiber connector.

Fiber Adapters (flange), is optical Fiber connector for connection. Series products include: FC. SC. ST. LC. The MTRJ. They are widely used in the optical distribution frame (ODF). Optical fiber communication equipment, instrumentation, etc. Superior performance, stable and reliable. About surface optical fiber connector is removable between optical fiber and optical fiber connection device, it is to put the fiber of two surface precision docking, so that the optical output of light energy to maximize the coupling in the receiving optical fiber, and optical link due to the intervention and to minimize the effects on the system, this is the basic requirement of optical fiber connector. To a certain extent, fiber optic connector also affects the fiber transmission reliability and the performance of the system.

Secondly the product types are also different, fiber optic adapter model has the following kinds: FC/PC/SC/APC FC/UPC FC PC SC/UPC SC/APC ST/ST/PC UPC SC/APC; Fiber optic adapters has SC, FC, ST. SC represents the Standard Connector; ST on behalf of the Straight Tip; FC stands for the Fiber Connector, And optical fiber connector according to the difference can be divided into fiber media converter of silicon-based single-mode and multimode optical fiber connectors, and others, such as plastic optical fiber, According to the joint structure can be divided into: FC, SC, ST, LC, D4, DIN, MU, MT, etc all kinds of forms. Among them, the ST connector is typically used for wiring devices, such as fiber optic distribution frame, fiber module, etc; And the SC and MT connector is typically used for the network equipment.

According to the optical fiber end face shape with FC, PC (including SPC or UPC) and APC, they have single core and multicores (such as MT – RJ).

They have something in common that they are widely used in optical distribution frame (ODF), optical fiber communication equipment, instrumentation and so on and so forth for a large number of applications. Fiber optic adapter on current technology, can ensure the quality of its stability without worries after that, assured quality. We FiberStore sincerely hope that we can give you knowledge and benefit you in our website, can help us more comprehensive understanding of the knowledge of communication.

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