How to Distinguish Optical Fiber Adapter and Optical Splitter

How to Distinguish Optical Fiber Adapter and Optical Splitter

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About how to distinguish optical fiber adapter and optical splitter, this question for many foreigners, they may say they are the same product called in different way. They just mistake the two kinds of products. And today I am going to tell differentiations about the fiber adapter and optical splitter, I hope after reading this article no one will be mixed up these two things.

Fiber adapter, is optical Fiber connectors connecting parts, optical fiber and an interface of the equipment. Series products include: FC, SC, ST, LC, The MTRJ. Which is widely used in the optical distribution frame(ODF),fiber optic communication equipment, instrumentation, etc. It’s in superior performance, stable and reliable.

According to the working way fiber optic adapter is divided into simplex, half-duplex. Simplex Communication refers to the communication process at any time, information only by one party like A to B, such as radio, television, etc. The simplex working way is rarely used now. Half duplex communication refers to at any time of the communication process, information can be transfer A to B, but also by B to A, but only by one transmission direction.

Optical splitter is also called the fiber coupler, which assigned the optical signals to multiple optic fiber components, which belongs to the optical passive components, in the telecommunications network, cable TV network, the user will applied to the circuit system, LAN, and fiber optic connectors were passive components used in most sports.

Optical splitter can be divided into standard coupler (1 x 2 double branch, the unit, also the light signal is divided into two power), star/tree couplers, wavelength multiplexer (WDM, if the wavelength is separated with high density, namely narrow wavelength spacing, it belongs to DWDM).

There are three kinds making ways: sintering (Fuse), micro-optics, optical wave guide. Sintering production is burn melt stretching get two optical fiber together, make the core aggregate, together with optical coupling effect, and one of the most important is melt burning machine production equipment, is also one of important steps, although important part of the process is worked by machine, but after sintering, still have workers detecting the encapsulation.

From the above description, fiber adapter and optical splitter has the very big differences. They are common used in the optical link. So don’t put them together.

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