How to Install the 110 Wiring Block?
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How to Install the 110 Wiring Block?

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110 wiring blocks are commonly used for distributing telephone lines in homes and offices. This post will show you how to install the 110 wiring block with the 25-pair voice grade cable.

Tools Preparation

Before the installation, we should first prepare the related tools which are demonstrated in the following table:

Tool Description
Wire StripperWire Stripper A small, hand-held device used to strip the electrical insulation from electric wires.
110 Punch Down Tool110 Punch Down Tool It is used for inserting wire into insulation-displacement connectors on punch down blocks, patch panels, keystone modules and surface mount boxes.
110 Multi-Pair Impact Tool110 Multi-Pair Impact Tool It is designed to seat 110 connecting blocks on 110 wiring blocks.
110 Connecting Block110 Connecting Block It is a color coded block used on 110 wiring blocks, terminating the runs of on-premises wiring in a structured cabling system.


Steps of Installing 110 Wiring Block

Generally, there are five steps to complete the 110 wiring block installation. This part will give a detailed information on each step.

Step One: Mounting the 110 Wiring Block

First of all, the 110 wiring block shall be screwed onto a panel or a wall as in the following figure.

Mounting the 110 Wiring Block

Step Two: Running the 25-Pair Cable Into the Entry of Wiring Block

In this step, we should first fix the 25-pair cable at the side of the block and strip the jacket of the cable with a stripper. Then run the 25-pair cable into the entry of the block (as shown in the following figure).

Running the 25-Pair Cable Into the Entry of Wiring Block


Step Three: Organizing the Cable According to the 25-Pair Color Code

It is known to us that the copper wire shall be organized according its color code. The following table shows the 25 combinations of 25-pair cable, demonstrating the color for each wire and the pair number:

25-Pair Color Code
Pair Images Major Color Minor Color
1 1 White Blue
2 2 Orange
3 3 Green
4 4 Brown
5 5 Slate
6 6 Red Blue
7 7 Orange
8 8 Green
9 9 Brown
10 10 Slate
11 11 Black Blue
12 12 Orange
13 13 Green
14 14 Brown
15 15 Slate
16 16 Yellow Blue
17 17 Orange
18 18 Green
19 19 Brown
20 20 Slate
21 21 Violet Blue
22 22 Orange
23 23 Green
24 24 Brown
25 25 Slate


Organizing the Cable

Step Four: Punching Down the Wires

After organizing the wires, we may use the cutting blade on a 110 punch down tool to punch down the wires from left to right in accordance with the above mentioned 25-pair color code.

Punching Down the Wires


Step Five: Installing 110 Connecting Blocks

The 110 multi-pair impact tool is needed to install the 110 connecting block onto the wiring block. Firstly, we should insert the 110 connecting block into the head of 110 multi-pair impact tool. Then carefully align the 110 connecting block over the wiring base and seat the connecting block.

Installing 110 Connecting Blocks


Note: The 110 connecting blocks shall be the combination of five 4-pair connecting blocks and one 5-pair connecting block, or seven 3-pair connecting blocks and one 4-pair connecting block.


The 110 wiring block is an integral part of many home and office telephone systems. Learning how to install the 110 wiring block by yourself may save you much money. The installation procedure can be a bit complicated, but it’s worth a try. FS.COM is a professional supplier of various network solutions. If you want to buy the related products mentioned above, please feel free to contact us at

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